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Which English Course Should I Choose?

We are often asked for guidance on how to choose the right course. You need to determine WHY you are going to study English. Do you need it for your future career? Do you need to sit for an exam to provide proof of your level of English proficiency for university admission or visa purposes? Or are you looking to becoming fluent in English because it is an international language, and you feel that it will help you for your personal work or travel reasons?

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Why I love teaching?

I fell in love with teaching English as a foreign language in the summer of 2002, when I used to teach during my university holidays. Little did I know then that sixteen years later, I would still be as passionate about teaching English as I was that first summer.

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Why work in the English language teaching industry?

Teaching English offers a world of opportunities. It develops you because you have to be confident and have good public speaking and communication skills, which are really important transferable skills to have for any job later on. You meet multinational students from all over the world and coming from such a diverse set of cultures. The experience makes you realize just how vast the world really is. And you have the world right there in your classroom!

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christmas lights

The True Spirit of Christmas

Christmas is a time of giving, caring and sharing. One way of living the true spirit of this festive season is by lending a hand to those in need. As citizens we have the duty to give our input and help in any way we deem fit.

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