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General English courses for adults are ideal for those who wish to improve their general level of English and become more fluent.


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General English courses for adults are extremely popular. By following a General English group course of 20 or 30 lessons per week, you develop all your core language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) and improve your general level of English and understanding in all areas of language knowledge.


In addition, you will study and improve your grammar, expand your vocabulary around everyday topics and improve your pronunciation. By the end of your course you can expect to be a more confident and fluent user of English.  


  • improve your accuracy in use of grammar
  • broaden your vocabulary 
  • develop communication skills
  • become more fluent
  • develop your confidence when speaking English

Fast Facts

Start date

Every Monday

Entry level


Minimum Age

17 years

Length of Course

Minimum 1 week, Maximum 52 weeks

Class size

Maximum 12 students


GE 20: 20 lessons / week (15 hrs)
or GE 30: 30 lessons / week (22.5 hrs)


Additional 10 Private Lessons (7.5 hrs) Online
or Face to Face


Our class schedule allows students to choose 20 or 30 lessons per week.

* this schedule changes on a Maltese public holiday

Our General English options


General English 20

Mornings       4 lessons
Afternoons    no lessons

20 lessons per week, recommended for anyone who wants to improve their English in a class with students from all over the world at the same English level. This is a popular course with students who need to brush up their English in a short period (1 -3 weeks) or  to  really  improve  their English  to  higher  levels  at  ESE  for a long period  (4 – 24 weeks) but with more free time.  


General English 30

Mornings       4 lessons
Afternoons    2 lessons

30 lessons per week, recommended for anyone who wants or needs to dedicate more time to learning English.  More lessons means faster progress in improving your English level.  Morning lessons are similar to GE 20 lessons whilst afternoon lessons are more flexible and tend to be more conversational according to the students’ needs and requirements. 


Intensive English

Mornings       4 lessons
Afternoons    One-to-one lessons

30 lessons per week, recommended for anyone who wants to combine group lessons with one-to-one lessons. This course is very popular with students who want or need to improve their English in a shorter period of time (1 – 3 weeks).  It is also popular with students who have a well defined learning goal and who need that personal attention and tuition by a professional teacher.

Another popular long term course is the Academic Year Course 30 which is 30 lessons per week, more intensive with more homework and projects and more counselling by our Director of Studies. This course is great value for money and is ideal for students who really want to improve their level of English for career or study purposes.  Read more.

When you book one of our General English courses for adults, you can continue to improve your English through self-study by accessing our free ESE e-Learning programme from the time you enrol until three months after you finish your course.

What else is included in your course?

Course materials

Course certificate

Personal Notebook

ESE eLearning

Free WiFi at school

Welcome evening

What is your level of English?​

Don’t worry – we’ll figure that out for you.  


Before arrival you must do the ESE online placement test, which must be submitted at least 7 days before you start your course.  If you do not manage to do your test from home, then you will be will asked to sit for a short placement test on your first day at school.


Our academic staff will ensure that you follow your course at the right language level for you.

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