English for Work

This course is designed to help you improve your level of English to be able to find a job and work in an English-speaking environment.


English for Work

By following an English for Work course, you will become more fluent and confident in your use of English. You will also expand general English and work-related vocabulary and learn functional language to help you with your job.

The English for Work course is made up of General English lessons (20 lessons) and 10 lessons which focus specifically on English for Work. You will improve your level of general English, learn language items and important phrases which you need to prepare for and take an interview, start a new job and get to know new colleagues at work. Throughout the course, you will have many opportunities to practise your new functional language in real workplace scenarios.

Course Fast Facts 
Entry level:A2/Pre-Intermediate
Minimum age:18 years
Length of course:Minimum 1 week
Start date:Every Monday
Lessons/week:General English 20/week (15 hours)
+ English for Work 10/week (7.5 hours)
Class size:Maximum 12


On your first day at school, your teacher will carry out a needs analysis with your group to determine your learning objectives and reasons for following the course. The English for Work course is available at 30 lessons weekly with a maximum of 12 learners in the class. It is an ideal combination of General English and English for Work for students wanting to build up the basics of English while also improving their English for work purposes. Students who require more intensive study or more focus on Business are encouraged to book a Business Intensive course (20 lessons of 45 minutes each per week  + 10 individual private lessons per week).

To enrol on an English for Work course you should have a minimum Pre-Intermediate level of English (A2 on the  Common European Framework of Reference scale).

While you are enrolled on English for Work at ESE in Malta, we make sure that you follow a course which is at the right level for you.  Our academic staff determines your language level either through the ESE online placement test (which must be submitted at least 14 days before you start your course) or through a short test which you sit for on your first day at school. You can continue to improve your English through self-study by accessing our e-Learning programme from the time you enrol until three months after you finish your course.  ESE's e-Learning is available for free when booking an English for Work course.

Students who wish to focus on the development of their professional communication skills (meetings, negotiations, telephoning, writing and socialising) and language should visit our Executive Training Institute website.