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House Rules

ESE Accommodation

Welcome to ESE

In order to help ESE ensure your well-being, safety, privacy and security whilst staying in an ESE Residence, please follow ESE House Rules listed below.

Kindly read, sign and return the House Rules form at the time of your check-in.


Check-in and Check-out
Check-in time is at 15.00 hours and Check-out time is at 11.00 hours.
If you require an Early Check-in or late Check-out please check with ESE Management. A minimum fee of €25.00 may apply.


Deposit / Damages
You are required to make a cash deposit of €100.00 when you check in. This deposit will be refunded upon departure on presentation of the Deposit Slip as long as NO DAMAGES have been made to furnishings / fittings / equipment in your residence. In case of damage, full or part of the deposit will be kept by ESE. If the cost of damage is more than € 100.00, you must pay the balance before your departure. A fee of € 25.00 for replacement of the lost key will apply.


Noise / Disturbance
Please ALWAYS respect your flat mates and neighbours. Keep the NOISE levels down to a respectful level.

  • Parties, excessive noise, and the playing of loud music are strictly forbidden. In the event of such gatherings or excessive noise, ESE reserves the right to charge a penalty of €50 per resident of the apartment and/or to evict the resident/s from the apartment without refund of the accommodation fee.
  • You cannot BBQ in any part of the residence – a fine of €50 per person will be charged if caught BBQing.
  • You may not move any furniture or fittings around in the room and / or to another room and / or onto the terrace – a fine of €50 per person applies if caught moving furniture or equipment.

ESE Terms and Conditions apply at all times – you may find them on: 


All ESE accommodation is NON SMOKING. There is a €100.00 per person fine for every offence if student found smoking inside the apartment. Smoking is only allowed on external terraces or balconies.


Guests and Pets
Visitors are only allowed if they have an ESE Student Card. Only one visitor per student is allowed and must leave the apartment by 23.00 hours. Any visitors staying later than 23.00 hours or overnight will be charged a fine of €50.00 per person per night.
Pets are not allowed.



Housekeeping Service

Housekeeping is provided once a week. Remember that you are sharing the apartment with other students. You MUST RESPECT them at all times by keeping the apartment clean and orderly. All apartments are equipped with basic cleaning materials but you must buy your own detergents / soaps and toilet paper. If you fail to keep your room / apartment clean, you will be given a warning and the cost of cleaning will be charged at a rate of €25.00 per hour of cleaning – a minimum of €50 will be charged. Extra hours will be charged at €25/hour. These fees must be paid prior to cleaning otherwise the apartment will not be cleaned.

! Garbage / rubbish must be kept in the designated areas.
! Common areas must be kept clean.
! No towels and /or clothes should be hung on the balconies (use designated area).
! Kindly stay in the assigned bed – Please note that (if not in use) the other bed in your room must be left clean and ready to receive a new student. ESE will charge a fine of €50 if you use or mess the unassigned bed.



NOTE: The ESE Residence Coordinator will carry out random inspections during the week.

Air Conditioning and WiFi
ESE aims to be Eco-Friendly and to reduce its carbon footprint, please be careful with consumption of water and electricity by turning off all air-conditioning when you are not in the room or apartment. A fine of €50.00 per person applies for air-conditioning left on.

ESE provides WiFi in all apartments. Bandwidth is limited and not suitable for streaming. The strength of the WiFi signal may vary from one
area of the apartment to another. You can buy your own internet service from third party providers.


Change of Accommodation
If you request a change of apartment or accommodation, you will be charged €50 excluding transport. 


Should you have any problems with your apartment, ESE will do its best to solve the problem within 48 hours of receipt of a written complaint  that is sent to [email protected]