Private Tuition

Decide on which areas of the English language you want to focus on during your individual lessons and improve in the shortest possible time.


Private English lessons 

Individual lessons with a teacher allow you to focus on your specific learning needs and objectives. Your teacher carries out a needs analysis with you at the start of your course to determine which language skills and areas of language you wish to focus on so the course content is developed entirely around your needs. When booking Private Tuition, you enjoy the full benefits of the teacher's individual attention

Course Fast Facts 
Entry level:Starter +
Minimum age:17 years
Length of course:Flexible
Start date:Every Monday
Class size1


private tuition

By following a Private Tuition course, you become a more fluent speaker as you interact with your teacher,  you improve in the areas of language knowledge (grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation) which you prefer to focus on, you develop your core language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing and you focus on any other areas of the English language you would like to improve in. The content of a Private Tuition course is completely flexible and determined by your needs and your preferred learning style.

When you book your Private Tuition course to study English with ESE, you can choose how many hours a week you prefer to study. The course is available throughout the year at all language levels.

Your level of English is determined by our Academic staff either through the ESE online placement test (which must be submitted at least 14 days before you start your course) or through a short test which you sit for on your first day at school. You can continue to improve your English through self-study by accessing our e-Learning programme from the time you enrol until three months after your finish your course.

Semi Private Tuition

If you prefer to follow a Private Tuition course with a friend or family member, you can book a Semi-Private Tuition course.
This mean that you will both benefit from maximum opportunities to practise English, focus on your learning goals and receive individualised feedback.