Cambridge Courses

Prepare for any of the Cambridge Main Suite exams (PET, FCE, CAE, and CPE) at ESE and get the results you need to improve your career prospects.  


Cambridge Courses in Malta

The Cambridge Main Suite of exams are available at authorised centres all over the world and they are recognised by employers and universities as Secure English Language Tests (in the UK, for example). You can prepare for any of the Cambridge range of exams (offered at various levels PET, FCE, CAE and CPE) at ESE although the exam you sit for will depend on your level of English on entry into the exam preparation course. The result you receive on your certificate certifies the language level you have achieved.  Exams are held three to four times a year.

Course Fast Facts 
Entry level (Min. levels
apply per exam):
PET - B1
FCE - B2
CAE - C1
CPE - C2
Minimum age:17 years
Length of course:8 – 10 weeks (depending on your level) 
Start date:8 – 10 weeks before exam dates
Lessons/week:30 (22.5 hours)
Class size:Maximum 12


By following one of the Cambridge English courses, you improve your general level of English across the four essential language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing and develop your fluency through discussion about various topics. In addition, you continue to perfect your grammar, broaden your vocabulary and improve your punctuation.

During the morning sessions, the focus is on developing generic exam skills and techniques on how to approach an exam. During afternoon classes, your teacher will help you adopt effective study skills, develop exam techniques specific to the Cambridge exam you are working towards and give you feedback on the past papers you practise.

Your Cambridge English exam preparation class includes guidance on how to become a more independent learner, participation in the Student’s Podium (giving presentations and peer teaching) and monthly tutorials.

 You may study English for Cambridge exams at the following different levels:

  • Preliminary English Test (PET)
  • First Certificate Test (FCE)
  • Cambridge Advanced English (CAE)
  • Cambridge Proficiency English (CPE)

To follow a Cambridge exam preparation course with ESE you must be at least 17 years old and have a minimum language level relevant to the level of the exam you choose to sit for.  Our Academic Team will assess your proficiency before accepting you on the course.  As part of your entry level assessment, you will be required to submit an essay and undergo a telephone interview conducted by one of the members of the Academic Team.

The levels of proficiency required to be accepted on a Cambridge course are as follows:

  • You must have an intermediate level (B1 CEFR) of English to apply for PET
  • You must have an upper intermediate level (B2 CEFR) of English to apply for FCE
  • You must have an advanced level of English (C1 CEFR) to apply for CAE
  • You must be proficient in English (C2 CEFR) to apply for CPE

If you are not yet at the required language level, you can join a pre-sessional English language course or Academic Year Course before enrolling on the Cambridge examination preparation course of your choice. The Cambridge examinations are held in Malta in March, June, August (FCE and CAE only) and December. The course is between 8 and 10 weeks long. Start dates for the Cambridge courses depend on the level and examination you can follow. 

LevelStart of course datesEnd of course datesExam dates
PET25 Jan 2021
12 Apr 2021
11 Oct 2021
20 Mar 2021
3 Jun 2021
3 Dec 2021
20 Mar 2021
3 Jun 2021
3 Dec 2021
FCE18 Jan 2021
12 April 2021
5 Jul 2021
11 Oct 2021
11 Mar 2021
4 Jun 2021
25 Aug 2021
3 Dec 2021
4 Feb 2021
5 Jun 2021
27 Aug 2021
4 Dec 2021
CAE25 Jan 2021
26 April 2021
5 Jul 2021
11 Oct 2021
19 Mar 2021
18 Jun 2021
26 Aug 2021
3 Dec 2021
20 Mar 2021
19 Jun 2021
27 Aug 2021
4 Dec 2021
CPE11 Jan 2021
19 Apr 2021
11 Oct 2021
5 Mar 2021
10 Jun 2021
1 Dec 2021
6 Mar 2021
11 Jun 2021
2 Dec 2021