Visas Into Malta​

Should you require a visa to enter Malta, ESE can assist you with your visa application.

All Entry Visas (except China)
As of January 2008 Malta became a member of the Schengen area. Students who require a Visa to enter Malta must apply at the Maltese Embassy in their own country. In the case where there is no Maltese Embassy in their country, one may apply at a representative diplomatic mission of Italy or Austria.   It is of the utmost importance that if a Visa is required to enter Malta, when you confirm a booking with ESE you must include:
  • Your Passport number,
  • Date of Issue,
  • Date of Expiry
so that we may issue the relative Letter of Acceptance immediately and send it with all the documents confirming the reservation.   Please note that if the above details are not all included with the application, the booking procedure may take a while longer to be confirmed or the booking may eventually have to be cancelled.   For the list of supporting documents that you need when applying for a student visa please click here.
Chinese Entry Visas

Chinese students must apply for their Entry Visa to Malta at the Malta Visa Application Centre/VFS Global in Beijing. For further information and application forms please visit the following website:



A complete Entry Visa application includes an Acceptance Letter, Confirmation Letter and a Pro-forma invoice from ESE which can only be issued once the booking is confirmed and a non-refundable payment of €200 is received by ESE.



It usually takes 10 working days for the Embassy to approve an Entry Visa application. As soon as the entry Visa is approved students must inform ESE accordingly and advise details of the their flight and pay the balance of the full amount of the booking.



Kindly note that the Embassy of Malta in Beijing requires proof of payment from ESE before the student applicants can collect their Entry Visa from the Embassy.


You can get more information about Visas for entry to Malta by visiting the following link:



You can also get details about the Embassies of Malta in various countries by visiting the following link:

What is the refund procedure in case my visa is refused?
A deposit of €200 including a registration fee of €50 is required to book the course. There is no additional charge for visa application. In the event that a visa is not issued then the total €200 will not be refunded.