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Dorian and Albert inspire

Inspire Malta’s Kayak For Charity 2022

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All about Inspire Malta’s Kayak For Charity 2022

One day in 2008, a team of two Maltese men named Dorian Vassallo and Albert Gambina became the best of friends. The duo have been kayaking for almost 20 years and have worked together to raise money for several causes.


Kayak for Charity Selfie
Dorian Vassallo and Albert Gambina - two peas in a pod

In 2011, Dorian and Albert kayaked from Malta to Catania, Sicily without any assistance, marking one of their biggest achievements to date. In addition, they have also crossed from Malta to Tunisia as well as to the island of Linosa.


Last year, the pair spent a month paddling 1000 kilometres from Malta to Sicily. They embarked from Mtarfa, Malta and kayaked all around the island of Sicily, with their last stop being the Valletta Waterfront. This was undertaken in aid of the Inspire Malta foundation, which helps disabled people achieve the right to equality and inclusion. A total of €20,000 was raised.

Once again, Kayak for Charity will be taking on a new challenge this August to support Inspire. 2022 will mark the first time where one will paddle with an OC1 around Malta – currently, Dorian and Albert are the only people in Malta to have these canoes. Despite being very challenging due to differences in stroke and seating from kayaks, the duo have trained hard. Not to mention, each of them may have to deal with back pain before completing the route. Notwithstanding, they are determined to make their 12-hour journey unassisted.

Kayak for Charity's OC1 Canoe
The OC1 canoe owned by Dorian and Albert

What is an OC1?

The outrigger canoe, also known as OC1, has been used for about 5,000 years. Today OC1s are used in competitive sport. What makes it different from a kayak is that the stroke or position is an assimilation of paddling techniques, and the elevated seating. There is also very limited storage space compared to a canoe, so food and drink will need to be rationed.

How can we help support Kayak for Charity?

To donate click one of the buttons that appears on the right-hand side of this page.


You may also send a donation by sending an email to [email protected].