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Fireworks over Grand Harbor

Malta Events to look forward to in 2024

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Events to look forward to in 2024 - A Guide

We may only be a month into 2024, but this year is already looking to be very exciting with the abundance of events about to take place!

Here is a list of events which aim to celebrate Malta’s culture as well as the entertainment industry.

1. Carnival - 9th to 13th February 2024 (Valletta, Ghaxaq and Nadur, Gozo)

The annual Carnival celebrations are back with a bang this year! This event is both a religious and cultural event in Malta, as it marks the days leading up to Lent. Celebrations date back to the Knights of St. John, where competitions and games were held. These eventually turned into banqueting and masquerade balls where participants wore masks so that they could go incognito and be as silly as they wanted to!

Carnival in Malta

Today, both young and old alike participate by dressing up in costumes. One can experience the traditional parade of Carnival floats in Valletta as well as dancing by local groups. On the other hand, there is the spontaneous Carnival in Nadur, Gozo which takes place after sunset. Expect to see creative costumes that parody public figures such as politicians.


Celebrations also take place in the village of Ħal Għaxaq during the last three days leading up to Ash Wednesday on 14th February. Like the Nadur carnival, it is also spontaneous, and people flock to Pjazza Santa Marija for an evening of satire, as well as scary costumes, quite reminiscent of Halloween.


For further details about what Maltese carnival is like read here.

2. Malta Marathon - 25th February

The annual Malta Marathon, which is Malta’s biggest athletic event, returns on 25th February. It is attended by some 2000 athletes from Malta as well as around the world.


Participants can take part in the marathon of 42.195km, or the half-marathon spanning 21.097km. One can also participate in the Walkathon, the same distance as the half-marathon.

The race starts in the medieval city of Mdina and finishes in the town of Sliema.


Visit to apply.

3. Malta Biennale - 13th March to 31st May 2024 - 1st edition

MUZA (the National Museum of Art), in partnership with Heritage Malta and the Arts Council, will hold the very first Malta Biennale, a contemporary art event which will present several artworks and projects in prominent historical sites around the islands.

Malta Biennale

This year’s theme is “baħar abjad imsaġar taż-żebbuġ​”, which translates to “white sea olive groves” in Maltese. It is described as “an imagining of an array of whites from ancient and contemporary times, shaped into a vast cradle within which civilisation relishes myriads of cultures, art, and diversity” (Malta Biennale, 2023). Olives are culturally significant in the Mediterranean, and the white foam of the seas connote peace and harmony.

The event shapes up to be a “visual festa” taking place at the beginning of Spring, where numerous historical sites and outdoor spaces will be transformed into stages displaying several art forms.

For further information visit

4. Festa Frawli – 7th April 2024

April in Malta means strawberry season has begun. This nutritious fruit is mainly grown in the village of Mgarr, which is known for its annual strawberry festival that takes place as well as the strawberries that are grown there.

Strawberries being grown

The one-day festival takes place in the Mgarr square that is surrounded by the Parish Church of the Assumption. Not only will the strawberries themselves be sold, but strawberry cake, jam, conserves, ice-cream, wine and other foods.


Historical sites around the area will also be open to the public.


For more information about this event visit our blog .

5. Malta International Fireworks Festival - TBA April 2024

The Ministry for Tourism and the Malta Tourism Authority will hold the 22nd edition of the Malta International Fireworks Festival this April.
Fireworks over Grand Harbor

Taking place on select days across various localities in Malta and Gozo, one can catch a spectacular display of colour. The turning point of the event is the closing night, which usually takes place over the Grand Harbour in Valletta. Every year, a Pyromusical competition is held, which combines the movement of the fireworks to the rhythms of accompanying music.


More details TBA.

6. Summer Lust Festival – 17th and 18th May, 2024 at Għaxaq Grounds

The village of Ħal Għaxaq will host the annual Summer Lust festival this May.


This year’s headliners include the legendary Italian singer-songwriter Umberto Tozzi, best known for his hits Gloria, Tu (You) and Ti amo (I love you), as well as American pop icon Anastacia, whose hits include I’m Outta Love and Left Outside Alone.


Tickets for Day 1 and Day 2 are available!

7. Ed Sheeran Concert – Mathematics Tour - 26th June 2024

Ed Sheeran Concert

The award-winning English global superstar Ed Sheeran will perform in Malta for the first time ever!


Best-known for his chart-topping hits Shape of You, Perfect, Thinking Out Loud and Bad Habits, this once-in-a-lifetime concert forms part of his “+–=÷× Tour”, which began two years ago in Dublin, Ireland.


The concert will be opened by former Britain’s Got Talent contestant, singer Calum Scott, who is also greatly known for his cover of Dancing On My Own and single You Are The Reason.


Tickets are selling fast – book yours now!

8. Notte Bianca – 5th October 2024

On one evening in October, the capital city, Valletta, turns into a celebration of Maltese culture and arts.

Notte Bianca street performers

This spectacular free event allows for Valletta’s important attractions to remain open to the public. With 7 different “routes” each designed to promote various performing arts, Notte Bianca is surely an unmissable one.


Read to learn more.

9. Birgu Fest 2024 – 11th & 12th October 2024

The annual Birgu Fest will return for one weekend in October!  Ever since its launch nineteen years ago, thousands of locals and tourists alike have flocked to this festival which has increasingly gained popularity, eventually turning into a national event.


The most exciting part is when all streetlights in the town of Birgu are switched off and its only source of illumination is thousands of candles, which usually takes place on the Saturday.

Birgu by Candlelight - street of birgu with nothing but candles

Important historical sites such as Fort St. Angelo, where Game of Thrones was filmed, the Inquisitor’s Palace, as well as churches and other buildings will be open to the public.


To learn more, check out this blog post.

Focus on Fluency

  • Back with a bang (expression) – when something returns in a very exciting and noticeable way
  • Lent (noun) – a period of fasting and regret for one’s sins that is observed on the 40 weekdays from Ash Wednesday to Easter by many churches
  • Banqueting (verb) – the activity of having a large formal meal for many people
  • Masquerade (noun) – pretend to be someone a person is not
  • Balls (noun) – formal dance parties often consisting of a banquet followed by a social dance that includes ballroom dancing
  • Spontaneous (adjective) – something which is performed or occurring as a result of a sudden impulse without premeditation
  • Parody (noun) – a humorously exaggerated imitation of a writer, artist, or genre
  • Spanning (verb) – the full extent of something from end to end
  • Groves (noun) – a small wood or other group of trees
  • Cradle (noun) – a place or process in which something originates or flourishes
  • Civilisation (noun) – the society, culture, and way of life of a particular area
  • Myriads (noun) – an extremely great number of people or things
  • Nutritious (adjective) – containing many of the substances needed for life and growth
  • Conserves (noun) – types of jams in which the fruit is whole or in large pieces
  • Pyromusical (adjective) – where fireworks are correctly synchronised to music

Author – Sophie Muscat

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