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Welcome to the ESE Blog. Articles may be ESE news, academic pieces written by our team or events in Malta of general interest. Please feel free to write to us with any suggestions or any articles you may have written and which you would like to share with us and our students.

Student with IELTS book

All About IELTS

One of the most prestigious English language certificates is certainly IELTS. This stands for “International English Language Testing System” – simply put, it is an international English language test for proficiency amongst those whose first language is not English. This blog post will explain the exam and what makes the Academic pathway different from General Training.

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Students in class with their teacher at ESE European School of English Malta

Which English Course Should I Choose?

We are often asked for guidance on how to choose the right course. You need to determine WHY you are going to study English. Do you need it for your future career? Do you need to sit for an exam to provide proof of your level of English proficiency for university admission or visa purposes? Or are you looking to becoming fluent in English because it is an international language, and you feel that it will help you for your personal work or travel reasons?

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Spring flowers

Spring is here!

Few can resist the early calls of spring: melodious song, endless green and the harsh, cold winter finally coming to an end. We can enjoy walks on the beach again and successfully dry our laundry outdoors. For our predecessors the coming of spring was even more important, since a cruel winter could mean the death of precious crops that were meant to feed their families. Spring signified the start of a bountiful season and it was celebrated as such – with simple habits that were transformed into traditions all around the world today.

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European School of English Malta

ESE signs partnership agreement with NILE

ESE is pleased to announce a new partnership with NILE for the co-delivery of NILE’s teacher development courses starting in 2021. NILE is a world-leading centre of excellence, offering training and development from initial qualifications to an MA. As a specialist teacher development institute, NILE provides courses of the highest quality for teachers from all over the world.

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European School of English Malta

My first yoga experience in Malta

Back to Blog Share this post Contact Us I remember very clearly the first time when I did my yoga practice in front of the Mediterranean Sea in Malta. A couple of months ago, I was jogging around Spinola Bay with my boyfriend and all of a sudden, I thought that It would be an amazing experience to pick up my yoga mat and starting

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