Placement Test

You must take the placement test at least two weeks prior to arrival to determine which course level is appropriate for you.


The result from your placement test will be used to place you in a class of your level.
If you do not manage to take this test prior to arrival, you will be able to do so on your first day of school.



ESE placement test

This is not an exam but this online test will help us determine your level of English. On completion please click the "Submit" button which will forward your test and results to our Academic Department.  If you feel you haven't done well please don't worry.  On your first day at school we will hold an interview with you and either confirm the level you achieved on this placement test or amend your level accordingly to ensure you are placed in a class at the correct level best for you.

Doing the test is easy

Please enter your surname and booking reference number (as indicated on your Booking Confirmation Form) in the appropriate fields below and then click the "Run Placement Test" button.  If your login name and password are accepted you will be directed to another page from where you can launch the placement test application. There are 60 questions and all answers are multiple choice.  Please select your answer from the multiple choice options by clicking on it.  The test is 45 minutes long and will clock out.

Important! Please read

The online ESE Placement Test must be completed not later than 14 days from your arrival date in Malta. Students will be asked to sit for their placement test on their first day of school if they do not complete the ESE Placement Test on line for whatsoever reason. You may sit for your ESE Placement Test on line only ONCE and students have 60 minutes to complete this test at which point the system will automatically block your test.

Please contact ESE - or should you require assistance or further clarification.