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Notte Bianca 2022 Event Poster 1 October

The Return of Notte Bianca: A Guide for 2022

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What is Notte Bianca 2022? Everything you need to know about this event!

Once a year at the end of summer, Malta’s capital comes alive at night for a celebration of national culture and arts. This spectacular free event takes place on one night only, and is undoubtedly one of the highest anticipated events in Malta.


Chiefly, you will be treated to a night of local and international talent as well as receive the opportunity to visit several historical sites throughout one evening.


In addition, restaurants and cafes will extend their opening hours and remain open till late.

Notte Bianca 2022 Event Poster 1 October

What is Notte Bianca and what happens?

The Notte Bianca, which translates into ‘White Night’ from Italian, is an exciting event taking place on Saturday, the 1st of October, which allows for Valletta’s attractions to remain open to the public for free of charge. That’s right – FREE! Furthermore, these venues transform into stages, allowing people to delve deeper into Maltese culture. These include but are not limited to, music, dance, theatre, visual arts, literary events and digital arts, performed by a variety of local and international artists.


Which are the main events?

Notte Bianca will kick off as early as 4pm and aims to provide a fruitful evening. Each category of events will be divided into seven ‘Routes’ – Alternative, Classics, Dance, Kids, Theatre, Red and Music.

1. Alternative Route

If you consider yourself a free spirited being, then this route is for you! The Alternative route celebrates ethnic music by local artists. Located under the main bridge to the Valletta’s entrance, the Laparelli Gardens will be the ideal setting – if you don’t know your way there, you can follow Trakadum from the Triton fountain at 7pm!


Artists performing on the night include bands Trakadum, Manatapu, Fakawi and Malta’s favourite ethnic band, Tribali.

2. Classics Route

Do you prefer classical music? Then, the Classics Route will surely be your favourite. In the like manner, you will experience Valletta’s finest architecture, the perfect setting for this route, whilst watching performances by Barokk Għall-Kwiet (Quiet Baroque), The Valletta Recitals, The Opera Locos, L-Orkestra Għand il-Ġiżwiti (The Orchestra at the Jesuits), and The Three Sopranos.

3. Dance Route

Are you into dance? The Dance Route will promote various cultures from around the world through movement and rhythm. Performers will include The Dance Hub, Flamenco Roots, Share-a-Bank, UNight, and Allegria.

4. Kids Route

If you are a parent or are a child reading this blog post, the entertaining Kids Route will excite you and your family! Events in this route will start at 4pm with magical performances by KukkuŻejt, Darbtejn Insiru Tfal (based on the Maltese saying ‘we become children twice’), and Ġnien Maġiku (Magical Garden).

5. Theatre Route

Are you a theatre nerd? This route is guaranteed to provide comedy and theatrical acts at rather secret venues in the city as well as in the streets. Performers include Napuljun, X-VOTO, and Karcocha.

6. Red Route

‘Red’ is a colour which connotes passion as well as lust. As the name implies, this route will be quite a sensual one – once a red-light district, Strait Street will bring back its sultry side with hedonistic shows by Umberto Porcaro, Pastażuni, and Ħoss Kuban.


WARNING: Parental discretion is advised.

7. Music Route

One of the most simple but pleasurable things in life is music. Taking place at different spots in Valletta, the Music Route will cater to a variety of tastes, such as Jazz, Blues, Country, Maltese music, Cuban music, Italian music, Brass, Rock ’n Roll and Pop. Expect to hear musicians roaming the streets or performing in theatres, squares, band clubs as well as the Upper Barakka Gardens.

The Kolors Band
The Kolors

Musical events will include Dak Kien Żmien! (That was a time!), Ġejja l-Banda (The band is coming), Il-Festa (the feast), Is-City Project, Dipinto di Blu (painted in blue), Il Mare Minore (the Minor Sea), Brijju (Joy), Il-Muzika Evergreen (Evergreen Music), Tat-Tarag (of the stairs), The Two Moons and. Country Garden. Additionally, local artists include band Skald, Winter Moods frontman Ivan Grech together with the Voca Choir, fusion band Versatile Brass, band Klinsmann, X Factor Malta participant Karin Duff, singer Matthew James and band SterjoTipi. Finally, international artists this year will all hail from Italy, which are the band Qu4ttro, Sicilian Tinto Brass Street Band and Amici di Maria de Filippi 2015 winners The Kolors.

This event is being held by Festival Malta in partnership with Coca-Cola Malta, 89.7 Bay Radio, Heritage Malta and the Ministry for the National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government.



Click here to view the official Route Map.

Focus on Fluency

  • Highest anticipated (adjective) – awaited, usually with excitement and impatience
  • Delve deeper (verb + comparative adjective) – try to discover new information about something into further detail
  • Performing Arts (noun) – forms of creative activity that are performed in front of an audience, mainly drama, music and dance
  • Showcased (verb) – exhibited, displayed
  • Literary (adjective) – about the writing, study,­­­ or content of literature
  • Fruitful (adjective) – producing good or helpful results
  • Free-spirited (adjective) – independent and not restrained by convention
  • Ideal (adjective) – most suitable
  • Lust (noun) – strong sexual desire
  • Red-light district (noun) – an area of a town or city containing many brothels, strip clubs, and other sex businesses
  • Sultry (adjective) – attractive in a way that suggests a passionate nature
  • Hedonistic (adjective) – seeking pleasure
  • Roaming (verb) – moving around unsystematically

Author – Sophie Muscat

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