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Valletta Film Festival 2018

Valletta Film Festival 2018 – Part 2

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Valletta Film Festival 2018 – Part 2

Here is part 2 of our Valletta Film Festival Report from our very own Laetitia who is acting as a volunteer at the festival!

Valletta Film Festival 2018 logo
Tuesday 12th of June – ‘Don’t forget me’ showing at PTR

Tonight, I am not working as a volunteer and so can simply enjoy the movie ‘Don’t forget me’ together with my partner.

The temperature tonight is just perfect for watching this movie outside at Pjazza Teatru Rjal (PTR)

Valletta Film Festival 2018
Shhh………..the film is about to start!

The movie is a love story about two young people from Tel Aviv : Tom and Neil. Tom lives in a closed institute as she has eating disorder whereas Neil roams the streets with a tuba, convinced he will leave with a popular band for a European tour. After a chance visit to the institute, Neil flees onto the streets with Tom and promises her she can leave with him.


This movie is definitely my favourite one of this festival (so far ;-)). I just loved the story, the characters and actors but also the way it was filmed and the music.


Nitai GVIRTZ, playing Neil and writer of this movie, answers the audience’s questions at the end of the screening. Each film has a Q&A session allowing the audience to interact with the film makers of each screening and have their questions about the film answered.

Valletta Film Festival 2018
Question time!
Apart from being very charming, it is interesting to learn that he was inspired by the story of one of his friend to write this movie. And if you need other reasons to go and see this movie (still possible today Thurs 14th at 4pm at Embassy cinemas) , I am just adding that it won many prizes already in Torino…!
Looking ahead – Friday, Saturday and Sunday


I am really looking forward to the weekend with many great events planned starting tonight Friday 15th June with Anchor and Hope at 9pm at PTR

for more details visit ANCHOR AND HOPE

Tomorrow Saturday 16th of June


I will be at Valletta Campus Theatre (VCT) for two movies:

Black mother at 6.30pm:



Human Flow at 8.45pm:



These screens will be followed by closing party from 11pm at HERBERT GANADO GARDENS.

If you want to be part of it, come and join me and my fellow movie buffs!



On Sunday 17th of June

On Sunday the Audience Awards will be announced and you will have the opportunity to see the winning films as follows:

· Best director, Embassy cinemas at 2pm
· Teens choice award, Embassy cinemas at 4pm

· Audience award 2018, Embassy cinemas at 6pm
· Best documentary film, Spazju Kreattiv at 7pm
· Best feature film, Embassy cinemas at 8.30pm

Valletta Film Festival 2018
Question time!

And do not forget the closing film The shoplifters at PTR at 9pm:



This movie won the Palme d’Or at Cannes Film Festival 2018!


Enjoy your weekend and see you at the Valletta Film Festival!

About the Author

Laetitia Nichols – Former Marketing Executive for French-speaking countries
Laetitia Nicolas
Marketing Executive at ESE

Laetitia hails from the South of France and has recently joined ESE as part of our Marketing Team. Laetitia has worked previously in the flavour industry in the Geneva region before teaching about flavours and working for a spice and herbs Dutch company. Living in Malta has given Laetitia the opportunity to join the teaching world again with ESE. This time helping French speaking people to improve their English. Being French, it is not a surprise that she likes food! She also enjoys spending time with her family and sports such as running, trekking, skiing, skydiving, along with reading, travelling and of course watching movies!

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