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The True Spirit of Christmas

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The True Spirit of Christmas

Christmas is a time of giving, caring and sharing. One way of living the true spirit of this festive season is by lending a hand to those in need. As citizens we have the duty to give our input and help in any way we deem fit.


This year as a company we decided to get together and contribute towards the cause ‘Help Feed A Family This Christmas’, whose aim is to help spread a little holiday cheer by feeding around 500 families. Developing countries face numerous challenges but one can easily pinpoint the main problem, which is definitely poverty. Its ripple effect leaves its mark in various sections within the community.


Developed countries, such as Malta have systems in place in order to ensure that certain needs are catered for, yet one can argue that sometimes other subject matters are given priority and to an extent such issues are put aside. It is rather unfortunate to say that poverty is still an issue in developed countries and although it is not to the same extent as developing countries, the effect of poverty can still be felt.

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That is why this year as a company we decided to work in helping this worthy cause and thanks to the generous contribution of our staff, we managed to collect the sum of €1,400. This was kindly matched up by our directors; bringing the total sum to €2,800. The sum was then used to purchase various items that would come handy to these families during the Christmas period.


It is worth noting that apart from the money raised, members of staff were asked to donate different food items which amounted to quite a few boxes. All this was added to the rest of the food items. We are happy and proud to say that our company this year took the true spirit of Christmas to heart and the drive towards this initiative was surely a testament to this as it brought the employees closer.


Although our contribution might seem substantial, one must point out that in actual fact it is very little, especially when considering that the expenses of the local food bank which feeds between sixty to eighty families per week is around €2,000. One needs to keep in mind that the challenge for these families is there all year round, so it would be nice if we could contribute in one way or another throughout the year.


Remember the best way to cheer yourself up is to cheer someone else, so that is one great excuse to be selfless all year round as one does not need to wait until the festive season to lend a hand to those in need. Christmas after all is the spirit of giving without a thought of getting.

About the Author

Emil Calleja Bayliss
Emil Calleja Bayliss
Academic Administration Assistant at ESE

Since joining ESE in July 2011, Emil has taught students of various ages and nationalities. Most of his free time is taken up by lyric writing, in both Maltese and English, in addition to that he enjoys reading, watching films and listening to music.

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