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How to choose a Quality English Language School

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How to choose a Quality English Language School

Now that you’ve selected Malta as your destination, you should be ready to choose a school that is right for you. Malta is home to over 40 English language schools. In this blog we propose several factors for you to consider before choosing your ideal English Language school. Here is what you should look for when choosing your language school:

What makes a “quality” school?

1) Accreditations

The best language schools around the world are those which are highly accredited; in other words, recognised by institutions worldwide for commitment to quality and high standards across the school’s services that are offered.

Always make sure that your language school has a high number of accreditations and awards from internationally recognised institutions, as these signify that it adheres to educational principles and strict standards of care. In fact, the European School of English is the most internationally accredited independent language school in Malta.

For a full list of ESE’s accreditations and awards, click here.
European School of English Malta Accreditations

ESE’s accreditations

2) Courses

Another important factor of a quality English language school is that it offers a large variety of courses. Whether you’d like to study English for work or general purposes, you should select a school that caters for different types of language learners.

In addition, you may choose a course that is appropriate for your age: courses are usually suited to different age groups; for example, teenagers or children within a certain age range.
European School of English Malta Salini Teen and Junior Classroom
adult mini classroom

From left: Teen/Junior classroom; Adult classroom

Each course at ESE is created with specific outcomes. They are not just categorised by age groups and specific areas of study, but also classroom size. This will help you benefit from individual attention from your teacher and provide more opportunities for speaking and interacting with your classmates besides developing fluency and greater confidence.

For a full list of courses offered at ESE click here.

3) Class size

It is crucial that you benefit from all your lessons whilst studying English in Malta. The number of students in the class can be beneficial It is important that you get individual attention from your teacher during your lessons so that you can ask any questions when in difficulty — the smaller the classroom, the more you’ll pay attention in class and learn more. 

Teacher and Students at ESE Malta

Teacher and students

In fact, ESE’s maximum class size for adults is 12 and 15 for teens and juniors. They mainly consist of students from different nationalities whose main aim is to communicate in English as it is an international language. You also have the choice to choose a smaller class – the Mini class, which consists of 6 students or less, and Private Tuition if you prefer one-on-one, individual attention and a tailor-made course.

4) Nationality Mix

The best language schools are those which attract students from different parts of the world. A diverse nationality mix further encourages you to practise your English communication skills as the common language used amongst them is certainly English. The most popular nationalities of students at ESE include Italian, French, Austrian, Dutch, Swiss, Turkish, Latin American, German, South Korean and Japanese.

European School of English Malta

Students of diverse nationalities

5) Services

Many language schools take their students on cultural excursions before or after classes which open their eyes to the Maltese lifestyle, history and culture. ESE’s social programme consists of fun, age-appropriate activities and 24/7 student support. ESE ensures that students, especially those under the age of 18, feel they are in a safe environment upon their stay. Our leisure team is always at hand especially at the Salini Resort, which hosts the Junior Camp and Teen Club students. Transport is also provided on a daily basis. There is a doctor available on call at the Salini Resort besides a nurse and first aid personnel on site.

European School of English Malta Teen Junior Leisure

From left: leisure activities for teens and adults

6) Accommodation Options

Other than simply choosing your school, you will need to find a place to stay while you are in Malta. When choosing your accommodation, you must take into consideration the distance from the school and important amenities such as supermarkets, pharmacies, and bus stops, but also your budget.

Number 11 Urban Hotel Room
Astolat Apartments Living Room

From left: Number 11 Urban Boutique Hotel; Astolat Apartments living room

Your school may offer hotel stays, apartments or host families. ESE offers a wide variety of accommodation options to suit your needs including the ESE Residence which is located within the adult school, 3- and 4- star hotels and self-catering apartments.

ESE Residence bedroom
Claret Apartments Kitchen

From left: ESE Residence; Claret Apartments kitchen

Teen Club and Junior Camp students stay at Salini Resort, and have their lessons within the hotel’s school building. Teens & Juniors following this programme will benefit from superior facilities, such as staying in air-conditioned rooms of four students each, ensuite bathrooms as well as lunch and dinner on full-board basis.

Salini Resort at sunset
European School of English Malta Teens & Juniors at Salini Pool
European School of English Malta Teen & Junior room at Salini

Salini Resort and its facilities

7) Location

The most popular language schools on the island of Malta are located within the central regions – ESE’s main adult school could not be located any closer to St.Julian’s, a fishing village which is home to several bars, restaurants, and retail outlets. Our annex school is located within the Salini Resort.

European School of English Malta

Spinola Bay, St. Julian’s, Malta

8) Testimonials

It is crucial to see what other people, especially past students, have said about the school. This will help you decide whether the school you have chosen is the one that’s right for you.

Testimonial by Melina European School of English Malta
European School of English Malta

Recent student testimonials.

To conclude...

When choosing your language school, you will also be booking a full package that offers value for money and insurance. With ESE you may book your course, accommodation, flights, course materials such as your course book, accommodation, free Wi-Fi at school and social activities.

ESE is the most internationally accredited school in Malta, and its main aim is commitment to delivering high standards as well as exceptional English programmes and services. This year will mark the 25th anniversary since the first students were welcomed into school, and it hopes to continue showing dedication and responsibility towards staff and students.