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Festa Frawli European School of English Malta

What is Festa Frawli about? All you need to know

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What is Festa Frawli about? All you need to know

April in Malta is the time when the weather starts to warm up and feel summery. It’s also the time when people grow fruits, especially strawberries, which are loved by the Maltese.

But what make Maltese strawberries so special?

Strawberries in Malta are nutritious and are first planted in October and continue producing fruit up to six months later – the hotter the weather gets, the more they ripen, yet the better the taste. These are mainly grown in the quaint village of Mgarr – there is no better place than the lush green fields here. In the month of January, when the weather is stable, the strawberries are collected once a fortnight. Once the weather gets warmer, they are collected more often.


GMOs, or Genetically Modified Organisms are banned from local use when growing foods, so that makes them more edible.  This also presents more benefits – fruits are fresher, nutritional value remains intact, and one does not need to worry about eating fruit containing potentially toxic chemicals.


Farmers usually pick them and pack them in preparation for a big one-day festival that takes place in April which celebrates these special fruits.

Festa Frawli European School of English Malta
Desserts sold at the Festa Frawli

Now in its 15th edition, it will take place in the picturesque square of Mgarr, the village where the strawberries are grown. An abundance of freshly picked strawberries will be sold the whole day, as well as a wide range of food and drink consisting of this fruit. These will include, but not limited to, cake; jam; conserves; wines, and gourmet dishes.

Festa Frawli pancake European School of English Malta
A crepe with strawberry ice-cream

Entertainment will also be provided, including live folk music using traditional Maltese instruments and dance troupes from the islands of Malta and Gozo. Activities such as painting competitions for all ages, games, train rides and walks along the village will also take place. The nearby temples of Ta’ Hagrat and Skorba will open at a discounted price in the morning as part of the festivities, thanks to Heritage Malta.

European School of English Malta
Official event poster for 2022

How do I get to the event?


The event will take place on Sunday, 16th April 2023.


You may catch the bus routes 44 and 238 from Valletta and 101 from Cirkewwa.

Focus on Fluency

Summery (adj) – characteristic of or suitable for summer

Nutritious (adj) – efficient as food

Ripen (verb) – developed to the point of readiness for harvesting and eating

Intact (adj) – not damaged in any way, complete

Quaint (adj) – attractively unusual or old-fashioned

Lush (adj) – growing in a rather luxurious way

Hiatus (noun) -a pause or break in continuity in a sequence or activity

Picturesque (adj) – visually attractive, especially in a quaint or charming way

Abundance (noun) – a very large quantity of something

Conserve (noun) – a preparation made by preserving fruit with sugar – jam or marmalade

Gourmet (noun) – of a kind or standard suitable for someone who knows food

Troupes (noun) – groups of dancers, actors, or other entertainers who tour to different venues