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Articles in this blog may be ESE news, academic pieces written by our team or events in Malta of general interest.

Spring flowers

Spring is here!

Few can resist the early calls of spring: melodious song, endless green and the harsh, cold winter finally coming to an end. We can enjoy walks on the beach again and successfully dry our laundry outdoors. For our predecessors the coming of spring was even more important, since a cruel winter could mean the death of precious crops that were meant to feed their families. Spring signified the start of a bountiful season and it was celebrated as such – with simple habits that were transformed into traditions all around the world today.

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Halloween party decorations

English for (the after) life

Back to Blog Contact Us Share this post ‘I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey.’ – The Criminologist from The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) Muahahahaha … can you think of a more frightful way to spend Halloween than learning English idioms which will scare the living daylights out of you? We can’t. So here they are, but just

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red and yellow autumn leaves

We autumn learn some idioms

Back to Blog Share this post Contact Us Ahhhhh autumn, the season of red, orange, yellow, brown and purple. Leaves fall to the ground like a carpet which is both soft and crisp to walk on. They are raked up into small piles which the kids love jumping into. It’s harvest season, both humans and animals alike collect and prepare fruit, vegetables, nuts and grains,

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Why I love teaching

Why I love teaching

I fell in love with teaching English as a foreign language in the summer of 2002, when I used to teach during my university holidays. Little did I know then that sixteen years later, I would still be as passionate about teaching English as I was that first summer.

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ESE Students in Class

Why work in the English language teaching industry?

Teaching English offers a world of opportunities. It develops you because you have to be confident and have good public speaking and communication skills, which are really important transferable skills to have for any job later on. You meet multinational students from all over the world and coming from such a diverse set of cultures. The experience makes you realize just how vast the world really is. And you have the world right there in your classroom!

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