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Pastizzi or Maltese Cheese cakes

What to eat whilst in Malta – Traditional Maltese food

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What to eat whilst in Malta

While in Malta, you can enjoy a variety of delicious dishes that reflect the island’s rich culinary heritage. Maltese cuisine is a blend of Mediterranean flavours with influences from Italy, North Africa, and the Middle East. Here are some must-try dishes and foods to eat while in Malta:

1. Pastizzi

These savoury pastries are a Maltese specialty. They are typically filled with either ricotta cheese (pastizzi tal-irkotta) or mushy peas (pastizzi tal-pizelli).

2. Rabbit Stew (Stuffat tal-Fenek)

A traditional Maltese dish made with rabbit, red wine, garlic, onions, tomatoes, and various herbs and spices.

3. Ftira

This local bread is similar to Italian focaccia and is often filled with ingredients like tuna, olives, capers, and tomatoes.

4. Bragioli

Beef olives stuffed with a mixture of minced meat, breadcrumbs, garlic, parsley, and sometimes egg.

5. Lampuki Pie

A popular fish pie made with lampuki (dorado) fish, spinach, tomatoes, and a blend of spices.

6. Soppa tal-Armla

Also known as Widow’s Soup, it’s a hearty and tasty vegetable soup with pasta.

7. Aljotta

A delightful fish soup made with garlic, tomatoes, rice, and plenty of fresh fish.

8. Pasticciotti

Sweet pastry filled with ricotta or custard cream.

9. Bigilla

A traditional dip made from mashed broad beans, garlic, olive oil, and herbs.

10. Ross il-Forn

Baked rice dish with minced meat, eggs, and cheese.

11. Sfineg

A type of doughnut or fritter, popular as a sweet snack.

12. Maltese Cheese

Try local cheeses like Gbejniet, a small round cheese made from sheep or goat’s milk, usually served fresh or dried.

13. Fresh Seafood

Being an island nation, Malta offers an abundance of fresh seafood, including octopus, swordfish, sea bream, and more.

14. Maltese Wine

Malta has a growing wine industry, and you can sample some local wines during your visit.

15. Kinnie

A popular Maltese soft drink made with bitter oranges and aromatic herbs.

Don’t forget to explore the local markets and eateries to truly experience the authentic flavors of Malta. Also, keep in mind that the availability of some dishes may vary depending on the season, as Maltese cuisine often utilizes fresh, seasonal ingredients. Enjoy your culinary adventure on this beautiful Mediterranean island!

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