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My first yoga experience in Malta

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My first yoga experience in Malta

I remember very clearly the first time when I did my yoga practice in front of the Mediterranean Sea in Malta. A couple of months ago, I was jogging around Spinola Bay with my boyfriend and all of a sudden, I thought that It would be an amazing experience to pick up my yoga mat and starting doing yoga in front of the beach with the wind on my face and the energy of the place surrounding me.

Immediately the next day I woke up earlier than usual and headed to the beach. It was a windy day in February, but that kind of things don’t matter when you decide to do something you love. Firstly, I wandered along to the beach, enjoying the sound of the sea waves until I found a perfect place where I put my yoga mat. I started doing my meditation called “Kirtan Kriya” and after that, I did my practice “Surya Namaskar” for 1 hour. I had never felt before how wonderful it is to connect with the energy of the sea in the development of the yoga practice.

Since this amazing day, I usually go to the beach early in the morning and I try to connect with myself, especially in these turbulent times due to coronavirus. I am convinced that despite the current circumstances that avoid you from traveling to other places, you can have a wonderful experience if you can travel within yourself and discover your inner power.

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Natalia Agudelo Correa