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Hamrun Chocolate Festival

Hamrun Chocolate Festival – Saturday 22nd October 2022

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Hamrun Chocolate Festival – Saturday 22nd October 2022

On Saturday, 22nd Ocober, the 12th edition of Hamrun’s famous Chocolate Festival will be held in Hamrun’s ‘old’ city center – (near the scouts quarters) and in St Joseph High Street, from 17:00 until midnight. With a turnout of over 20,000 attendees in 2019, this event is one which will allow visitors to indulge themselves in several chocolate-related products.

Chocolate Festival Hamrun
Hamrun and Chocolate

We as a species have long been lovers of chocolate in its various forms.


The use of cocoa dates back to over 2,500 years ago, with the Aztecs and the Mayas before them, using the cocoa bean nectar to make a type of drink, spicing it with pepper.



The Aztecs called this drink ‘tchocolatl’. It was during the conquests of Latin America that Spanish conquistadors decided to add cane sugar to the mixture, to suit European tastes and eventually chocolate was ‘born’.



Chocolate has continued to evolve throughout the ages, with chocolatiers becoming ever more creative, resulting into the types of chocolate we all know and love today.

In Malta, Hamrun is the town most associated with chocolate.


Hamrun’s connection with chocolate goes back to the era of the Knights of St. John , when cocoa beans were stored in Hamrun’s ‘tas samra’ area.

Chocolate Festival Hamrun
The town of Hamrun also boasts one of the few shops on the island that sells and supplies exclusively chocolate, producing among others the traditional chocolate Unica 1658. Unica 1658, as the name suggests, dates back to 1658 and is based on the original receipe of Gianfranceso Buonamico. It is still being produced in Hamrun using the same ingredients and craftmanship from the past. Unica 1658 is also the official chocolate of Valletta 2018, marking Malta’s capital city as the European capital of culture for 2018.
Chocolate Festival Hamrun
Master Chocolatiers

The event is being held by Hamrun’s local council and organised in conjunction with famous chocolatier Andrew Farrugia and renowned events organiser for Mario Camilleri (Events Malta).

Andrew is one of the worlds most renowned master chocolatiers, having built the longest chocolate train in the world and also the tallest free standing chocolate structure in the world, thus setting two Guinness World Records!

Sculpture by Andrew Farrugia, Master Chocolatier (Source: Facebook)
A chocolate lover’s dream!

The annual Hamrun Chocolate Festival is every chocolate lover’s dream!


Streets lined with stalls offering the public an amazing array of chocolate products make by some of Malta’s best chocolatiers!


Along with the many amazing and impressive sculptures made entirely of chocolate on display, (such as the one of Elvis above from the 2016 festival) showcasing the talent and craftsmanship of some of the best chocolate makers in Malta.


Festival goers will be spoilt for choice amongst the delicious sights and smells of every type of chocolate product imaginable.


You will think you have died and gone to chocolate heaven!

Fair trade chocolate

The Hamrun Chocolate Festival is not only about enjoying and experiencing all that chocolate has to offer, it is also about recognizing fair trade and where our chocolate has come from.


As the world becomes more accessible, consumers are ever more conscious of where their food originates from and also the welfare of the workers involved in producing it.


The general public want to know that the cocoa beans used to make their chocolate were grown and processed under fair and safe working conditions, with a fair price being paid to all those involved in it’s processing.


Fair Trade Chocolate is becoming increasingly popular and is also promoted at the Hamrun Chocolate Festival.

Hamrun Chocolate Festival
Source - Hamrun Chocolate Festival - Facebook
‘Choco-arte’ Wonderland

Chocolate as ‘Art’ is celebrated at the festival, with the many different and creative ways in which it can be applied.


With live demonstrations from top chefs, bakers and chocolate makers, visitors can discover new and imaginative chocolate creations and recipes that they can try out themselves at home!


Below are some of the different types of creative applications for Chocolate being celebrated at this years festival:

  • Chocolate painting on canvas
  • Choc tattoo
  • Chocolate Sculptures
  • Chocolate Body painting
  • Chocolate History
  • Interactive Choco story by the Institute of Tourism Studies
  • Cocoa Painting
  • Chocolate Centre Piece Competition
  • Various Bands in St. Joseph High Street (Strada Rjali)
  • Live demonstrations using various Chocolate recipes

In addition, there will be a national cake-baking competition during the festival, with prizes donated by N.Calleja Trading.

Other spectacles will include a show by the ‘Sbandieratori di Carpineto Romano’ from Rome, Italy. In short, this troupe presents an old tradition dating back to the 16th century, of waving flags, which were presented as prizes following tournaments and equestrian shows.

Chocolate Festival Hamrun
Beautiful Chocolate

Chocolate is not only just for eating or creating art with. It can also be used to make you look beautiful too!

Many beauty products and treatments now contain chocolate or cocoa among their ingredients.

Chocolate face packs, massages and other therapies are just some of the ways in which chocolate is being used to promote beauty and health.

Many of these beauty treatments and products will be available at the festival for visitors to experience.

The Festival also aims to promote chocolate’s contribution towards health, beauty and well-being.

Chocolate Playtime!

There will also be a special ‘chocolate’ children’s corner just for kids!

Here children can participate in chocolate painting and art, amongst other exciting chocolate related activities, and learn to enjoy chocolate in a variety of fun and creative ways!

Chocolate Festival Hamrun

With something for everyone, this years Chocolate Festival is well worth a visit!


For more information, please call Mario Camilleri, Chocolate Festival Co-ordinator on 99490261 or email – [email protected]

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