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Fireworks at St Julian's festa

5 reasons to visit St Julian’s Festa this weekend!

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5 reasons to visit St Julian’s Festa this weekend!

Its Festa time!

If you are familiar with Malta, you will know that the Maltese love any excuse for a festa!

Summer in Malta equals ‘Festa Time!’

With festa’s taking place all over the island this summer you can be spoilt for choice, however the feast of St Julian’s is one festa that you wont want to miss!

The festa starts this weekend and here’s 5 reasons why you should definitely be a part of it:

1. It’s THE place to be!

Anyone and everyone will be at the St Julian’s Festa!

The streets and roads close, decorations are hung from every lamppost and doorway, lights and colourful banners line the streets over head, with stalls dotted inbetween – there really is no escaping the festa!

2. Il-Marċ ta’ Filgħodu – the most entertaining band march you will ever see!
People, music, noise, colour, balloons, flag waving, marching – Il-Marċ ta’ Filgħodu has it all and then some! This entertaining ‘Morning March’ really gets the party started and is a must to take part in if you really want to experience the true Maltese festa vibe!
3. Gostra – Going, going, gone!
Gostra Man running up a greasy pole
Photo - Marcus Michaels

If you want to see grown men scrambling up a huge greasy pole that is stretched out high over the water in order to snatch a flag placed at the end of it before falling into the sea below, then this is the game for you!

Gostra is a traditional Maltese game that involves people competing against each other to try to get to the end of the pole to retrieve the flag…..not an easy feat when the pole is covered in grease and angled up towards the sky!

Que hilarious run ups, slipping and sliding and speculator belly-flopping into the sea! What’s not to love?

4. Food, food and more food!
Honey rings or Qaghaq tal-Ghasel in Malta

What is a festa without food of every type and flavour? St Julian’s festa is a feast after all! You will find food stalls dotted all over the surrounding streets offering everything from traditional sweets and donuts to hot dogs and burgers and everything in between! There are also many bars and restaurants from where you can enjoy a hearty meal while taking in all the activities around you!

5. Last but not least… FIREWORKS!
Fireworks at St Julian's festa

Fireworks! Need we say more?

If you know anything about Malta, you will know this country loves a good firework display.

St Julian’s festa will not disappoint! A spectacular display will be held over the waters on the last night of the festa. Local bands perform music to accompany the display to end the fun-packed event with a bang!



So what are you waiting for? Get yourself down to Spinola Bay tonight and enjoy the festa of the summer!

Don’t forget to add your photos on our facebook page or Instagram. Enjoy!

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Samantha Dixon
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