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ESE Academics

Our pool of EFL teachers are friendly, experienced and well qualified to teach and support you in achieving your English language learning goals.

Your English course

Whatever your reasons for learning English with ESE in Malta, you will immediately feel at home with us at the European School of English. We believe in treating you as a member of our ESE family from the moment you arrive at the airport. Our teachers, welfare and leisure staff are always available to assist you with all your activities to make sure that you receive quality teaching and professional support throughout your stay in Malta.

ESE Methodology places you at the heart of your learning

As an ESE learner of English, you are an active participant in your learning process. Our courses are student-centred and are designed to equip you with the linguistic tools necessary for you to develop your skills holistically. This means that you develop all your core language skills equally: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

To maximise your learning opportunities, you are exposed to language in use in natural and authentic contexts and given activities with real communicative value to carry out in small groups or pairs. This, followed by personalised feedback, remedial and further practice opportunities by our qualified and experienced teachers, is the key to your success.

ESE e-Learning

Free access to our ESE e-Learning programme allows you (adults and closed group students only) to combine face-to-face teaching with online self-study for three months from course start date.  This is a great tool to help you to determine your own study plan, focus on the language areas and skills you need most, work extra exam practice papers for that upcoming English exam, or choose topics that are of interest to you at your language level whilst monitoring your own progress.

ESE – How blended will you go?

By blending face-to-face teaching with online self-study, you reach your learning goals quicker. The ESE e-Learning programme allows you to work at your own pace after school hours and frequent use teaches you how to take responsibility for your own learning. Our teachers give you regular tutorials on how to use the e-Learning site as give you tips on how you can maximise your learning experience through this blended mode of study. It’s all about learning for life.

Continuing Professional Development

As part of the ESE Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme, teachers follow Teacher Training courses and participate in workshops in a range of EFL teaching areas. Recently, for example, teachers followed intensive sessions on how to use Interactive Whiteboards effectively to bring the real world into the classroom and make lessons more engaging. The  Continuous Professional Development programme ensures that our teaching is of the highest standard across all courses.


Our Teachers

ESE teachers are native-level speakers who are adept at helping you define and achieve your learning objectives.  Every year our teachers participate in teacher training courses as part of their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) which ensures that ESE teachers are always up-to-date with new teaching trends and technology including the use of interactive whiteboards and keeping up with all latest developments in teaching English as a foreign language.


Your English language level

We need to understand your level of English so that you are placed in a classroom at the appropriate level. You may do your placement test either online at least 14 days before your course start date or alternatively on your first day of school at ESE.

What Our Students Say About Us