Academic Year Course

If you want to improve your overall level of English for a specific goal, the ESE Academic Year Course is the right course for you.


Your Academic Year Course at ESE

If you need to improve your overall level of English across the core language skills for career or study purposes, the Academic Year course gives you the flexibility of choosing your start date, your preferred area of focus (every six weeks) as well as which internationally-recognised certificates you want to obtain by the end of your course. This means that the Academic Year course allows you to personalise your course according to your learning objectives.

Course Fast Facts 
Entry level:Starter+
B1+ to join Academic Stream or A2 to join Work Stream
Minimum age:17 years
Length of course:12/18/24/30/36 weeks
Start dates:Every 6 weeks
10.08.2020 / 28.09.2020 / 09.11.2020
04.01.2021 / 15.02.2021 / 29.03.2021 / 10.05.2021
28.06.2021 / 09.08.2021 / 27.09.2021 / 08.11.2021

10.01.2022 / 14.02.2022
Lessons/week:30 (22.5 hours)
Class size:Maximum 12


You can choose to join the Academic Year Course at any of our 8 entry points throughout the year and follow the programme for 12, 18, 24, 30 or 36 weeks.  The structure of this course allows you to transfer to an exam preparation course (IELTS, one of the Cambridge Main Suite, TOEIC or TOEFL IBT) during the last 10 weeks of your course provided you have the required reached level of language proficiency to be admitted to the course.

Academic Year course Flexible Learning Pathway

Language Stream Classes

Language Stream: During these classes, you will concentrate on improving your 4 core language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) and improving all areas of language knowledge (vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation) around a wide variety of topics.

Specialist Stream Classes

In these classes, you can choose from 3 Specialist Streams.  Your choice will depend on your preferred learning pathway and why you need to improve your English. For example, if you intend going to university, it would make sense for you to follow the Academic stream while if you just want to become more fluent and confident in English, you could choose the Fluency Stream. At the end of every 6-week Study Block, you can choose to change specialist stream if you prefer. You must have a minimum pre-intermediate level of English to join the Academic or Work Stream

Academic Year course Academic Stream

If you want to sit for the IELTS, Cambridge or TOEFL iBT exam or intend furthering your studies at university, this stream allows you to concentrate on Academic Year and develop important skills such as study skills, summarising, planning and writing essays, paraphrasing, giving presentations and other skills which you need for academic success.

Academic Year course Work Stream

If you want to improve your English for work purposes, this stream allows you to concentrate on using English for business such as writing a good CV, applying for a job, writing business correspondence, answering questions in an interview and other skills which are beneficial for career advancement in any sector. It is also ideal for students who want to prepare for a business exam such as BEC or BULATS.

Academic Year course Fluency Stream

This gives you a more structured alternative to long-term General English. By following the Fluency Stream , you develop fluency and become a confident speaker of English as you engage in oral communication activities based on recent and interesting topics in multinational classes.

Academic Year course Semester Holidays

Depending on your course start date and the duration of your stay, you may have a one or two week break during the course. Package prices which include the Academic Year Course and accommodation does not include any accommodation during these semester holidays and a supplement fee may apply. Semester holidays are the following:
  • 20.06.2020 – 28.06.2020
  • 19.09.2020 – 27.09.2020
  • 19.12.2020 – 03.01.2021

Two Attractive Destinations

Why not combine 12 weeks of Academic Year course in Malta with a few weeks at our sister school English in York in the UK?  You can choose to follow a few weeks to General English either before or after your Academic Year course. In this way you will benefit from studying in two attractive destinations in Europe. Visit for more informations about our school in York.

About York

Just a two-hour train ride away from London, York is one of England’s most beautiful historic and famous cities. It was recently voted the European Tourism City of the Year and it ranked the 4th safest city in the UK in the Complete University Guide’s ‘How Safe is Your City?’ ranking. York is now a thriving student city attracting over 25,000 multinational students every year.