Mini Class 20/30

More individual attention and an opportunity to interact with your teacher and multinational classmates. 


Mini Class 20/30

In small groups of no more than 6 participants, you improve your general level of English across the 4 core language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing), broaden your vocabulary, improve your grammar and pronunciation as you discuss topics which are stimulating and relevant to the modern world.

As a Mini Class student you benefit from more individual attention from your teacher and more opportunities for speaking and interacting with your multinational classmates in order to develop greater confidence and fluency. A smaller class size means that you will enjoy more personalised feedback on your language output.

The Mini Class course is very similar to a General English class but instead you learn the English language in a smaller group of maximum 6 students.  The smaller group size allows the teacher to target your needs and interests more specifically and you enjoy more opportunities to practise and interact with the other class participants.

Course Fast Facts 
Entry level:Starter +
Min age:18 years
Length of course:Minimum 1 week
Start date:Every Monday
Lessons/week:20 lessons (15 hours) or 30 lessons (22.5 hours)
Class size:Maximum 6


Mini Class

You may choose between Mini Class 20 and 30. When following Mini Class 20, you follow 20 group lessons of 45 minutes each in the morning and if you book Mini Class 30 you will have an additional 10 group lessons of 45 minutes each in the afternoon per week. As with many other English language courses offered at European School of English, this English class in Mini Class size is available at all levels from Starter (A1 CEFR*) to Proficiency (C2 CEFR*). This English course is available throughout the year.

As a Mini Class student, you follow the course at the right level for you because our academic staff determines your language level either through the ESE online placement test (which must be submitted at least 14 days before you start your course) or through a short test which you sit for on your first day at school. You can continue to improve your English through self-study by accessing our ESE e-Learning programme from the time you enrol until 3 months after you finish your course.

* Common European Framework of Reference