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Legal English eLearning

A course for lawyers and trainee lawyers.


for 6 months

Our online Legal English course is intended for lawyers and trainee lawyers. The course is based on 400 words and phrases that are related to the legal profession and are part of every lawyer’s professional jargon. The course will help you broaden your vocabulary base through recycling the meaning, spelling and pronunciation of this key terminology to help you internalise and use it correctly. Additionally, by following this course you will have access to a variety of English grammar exercises and video stories to help you develop your language knowledge (grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation) and all round level of English proficiency.
Course modules include:
  • Legal systems
  • Contract law
  • Civil and Criminal procedures
  • Intellectual Property
  • EU law
  • IT and cybercrime
  • Family law
  • Taxation
  • Employment law
  • Commercial law

This course is appropriate for you if your level of English is Pre-Intermediate / A2 or better.