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Articles in this blog may be ESE news, academics pieces written by our team or events in Malta of general interest.

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We are all Eaquals!

Eaquals Conference Riga, 26th – 29th April 2017 We attended the Eaquals conference in Riga, Latvia last week, between the 26th – 29th…
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‘Kewkba’- The Star

All about the guy behind the light   Last Saturday was the day the whole of Malta, 92% of the households to be…
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Student testimonial – Arnaud’s experience at ESE

Arnaud Vandamme Nationality: French Age: 23 Programme: Exam Skills  – 6 Weeks – October 2015 to December 2015, General English 20 – 12…
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Michela and Amanda’s daily diary at the EAQUALS Conference

Day #1 Pre-conference Management Training Workshop – Personal Excellence for language centre management by George Pickering A brilliant start to the conference with…
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Sarah and Heidi’s daily diary at IATEFL

Day #1 Having arrived a day before the IATEFL Conference, Heidi, our Exam Coordinator and Sarah, our Quality Assurance and Teacher Development Coordinator…
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Holy Week (Il-Gimgha Mqaddsa /ɪlʤɪmʌmʔʌtsʌ/) in Malta

The celebrations, ceremonies and traditions which take place during Holy Week in Malta are determined by the Roman Catholic traditions. Catholics commemorate the…
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Brits and Yanks: Divided by Language

Over the past few centuries, the English language spread from the United Kingdom, along with its former Empire, to the farthest reaches: across…
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The Modesty of Inspiration – Getting to know ESE’s Director of Studies

We are all incredibly proud to announce that ESE’s Director of Studies, Michela Formosa has received the Inspiring ELT Professional Award 2015 at…
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On what day of the year are you most likely to meet: a zombie, a wicked witch, Frankenstein’s monster, a werewolf and Count…
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ESE announces the 50+ dates for 2014

The ESE 50+ programme will be offered again in 2014.  Designed for a mature audience, this programme focuses on developing English fluency in…
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Articles in this blog may be ESE news, academics pieces written by our team or events in Malta of general interest.  Please feel free to write to us with any suggestions or any articles you may have written and would like to share with us and our students.