An internationally-recognised standardised test of English language proficiency for non-native English language speakers.  


IELTS Course in Malta

The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is becoming increasingly popular and is for students who need an internationally-recognised certificate for admission into undergraduate or postgraduate university courses where English is the medium of instruction. The certificate is sometimes required  as proof of level of English proficiency for career purposes. The IELTS exam is held in Malta every month. 

Course Fast Facts 
Entry level:B1 or B2 (depending on number of weeks studying)
Minimum age:17 years
Length of course:Minimum 4 weeks (B2 level required on entry) Minimum 6 weeks (B1 level required on entry)
Start date:4 – 10 weeks before exam dates
Lessons/week:30 (22.5 hours)
Class size:Maximum 12

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The IELTS exam preparation course includes guidance on how to improve exam skills and technique during the morning classes and intense development of the 4 core language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing), language knowledge input and IELTS exam practice in the afternoon sessions.Your exam preparation class includes guidance on how to become a more independent learner, participation in the Student’s Podium (giving presentations and peer teaching) and monthly tutorials with an experieced teacher.

The exam is available as an Academic or General training option. If you intend enrolling on a university course, the Academic Training Option is required. By contrast, the General Training option is required for other reasons such as vocational or non-academic training  or immigration purposes.

IELTS has a number of fixed test dates each year to ensure high levels of quality and security. The test dates for 2015 are found in the table below:

Test DatesClosing Date for ApplicationsModules Available
7th January 201722rd December 2016Academic & General Training
16th February 20171st February 2017Academic & General Training
4th March 201717th February 2017Academic & General Training
25th March 201710th March 2017Academic & General Training
8th April 201724th March 2017Academic & General Training
22th April 20177th April 2017Academic only
13th May 201728th April 2017Academic & General Training
25th May 201710th May 2017Academic & General Training
3rd June 201719th May 2017Academic & General Training
17th June 20172nd June 2017Academic only
8th July 201723rd June 2017Academic & General Training
3rd August 201719th July 2017Academic & General Training
19th August 20174th August 2017Academic & General Training
9th September 201725th August 2017Academic & General Training
30th September 201715th September 2017Academic & General Training
14th October 201729th September 2017Academic & General Training
11th November 201727th October 2017Academic & General Training
2nd December 201717th November 2017Academic & General Training