Young Learners

Our youngest ESE students enjoy a fun, safe and memorable experience with us, making memories which last a lifetime.


The Young Learners programme is specially designed for our youngest ESE students. The programme is an all-inclusive package which includes dynamic lessons, age-appropriate activities and return transport to/from all activities, school and residence.  A Learning Facilitator, who is also a qualified EFL teacher, accompanies your child during lessons and on activities so that you can rest assured that your child is under a watchful (and friendly!) eye.  Young Learner students are NOT ALLOWED to leave the residence except to go on an ESE activity.

Course Fast Facts 
Dates: 30.05.2020 – 06.09.2020

29.05.2021 – 04.09.2021
Entry level:All levels - mixed proficiency groups
Minimum age:8 years
Maximum age:10 years
Length of course:Minimum 1 week
Lessons/week:20 lessons (15 hours)
Class size:Maximum 15
Welfare & Support:24/7 (See Terms & Conditions)
Residence:The Salini Resort


Young Learners are grouped according to age and they follow a dynamic and activity-based English learning programme.  Naturally curious, children love exploring, playing games and trying out anything new.  For this reason, our Young Learners classes are designed to combine learning with activity and play, giving as many opportunities for indirect learning as possible.  Small group and pair work activities help to build your child's confidence as s/he interacts in English with multinational friends.

Our qualified teachers use many innovative stimulating techniques to keep your child motivated and excited about learning the English language.  Typical classroom activities include learning English through songs, music, films and Create & Describe and Art & Craft activities.  Multicultural interests such as national hobbies, traditional dishes and favourite sports form the basis of the topics discussed during the lessons.  The Young Learners programme is a two-week programme available from 30.05.2020 - 06.09.2020. The following is a Young Learners' typical day:

Sample Time Table*

07.30Wake up call/showers
09.30Morning activity such as visit to The Bird Park
13.00Hot lunch at Junior Camp residence
14.00Rest time
15.00English Lessons
20.00Evening activity such as bowling
23.00Lights out

*Lessons can also be in the morning.

Social Programme

The Young Learners programme is an activity-packed programme with plenty of fun and opportunites for our young ESE learners to interact with other English-speaking friends.  Your child is accompanied by ESE Group Leaders or Facilitators on all activities so you can rest assured that there is always an adult present.  All ESE activities are carefully chosen by our Leisure staff to ensure that your child is safe with us.  Some of our Young Learners' favourite activities include Bowling, a visit to the Splash and Fun Water Park and a Treasure Hunt.