Sailing & English

Combine learning and practice of sailing with your English learning at ESE.

In combination with the Teen Club Programme, the English + Sailing package offers teen students the opportunity to learn the basics of sailing in the setting of the beautiful Mediterranean sea whilst learning English and making new friends.  If you love the sea, think you would enjoy sailing or already do know how to sail then take advantage of being in Malta at ESE and experience the wind, sun and salt in your face while learning the joy of sailing.   


  • learn the basics of sailing
  • attend English lessons
  • join other students on activities except the ones coinciding with sailing lessons

Fast Facts


Summer: 29.05.2021 to 04.09.2021

Autumn: 09.10.2021 to 06.11.2021

Easter: 04.04.2022 – 30.04.2022

Summer: 28.05.2022- 03.09.2022

Autumn: 08.10.2022 – 05.11.2022

Entry level

Starter +

Minimum Age

14 years

Maximum Age

17 years

Length of Course

1 week / sailing level


Daily (Monday – Friday)


As booked

Student Welfare & Support

English Lessons 

Students in the Sailing & English programme attend English lessons with other students in the Teen Club and follow a General English 20 course. 


Placement in the class is according to the students’ level after assessment following a Placement test and a brief interview with the teacher on the first day of school. 


English lessons may be in the morning or afternoon.  And likewise Sailing lessons may be in the morning or afternoon.

A typical day


Wake up call/showers




Sailing lesson


Hot lunch at the residence


Rest time


English Lessons *


Dinner at the residence


Evening activity

* This is a sample time table only. Lessons may take place in the morning or afternoon.

Students may choose one of the following two Sailing courses depending on their previous sailing experience. 

Sailing Level One (4 half days/12 hours)

This course is intended for those persons who are new to this sport and willing to learn the first basic steps to becoming a dinghy sailor. After completing the course, students are expected to indicate main sailing boat parts and rigging and sail a triangular course in a mono sail (topper) in light to moderate conditions all under supervision.

Course Outline:

  • Main boat parts, rigging, launching, clothing and safety

  • First basic knots (reef knot, clove hitch, sheet bend, bowline, r-turn and two half hitches), wind direction, orientation and balance

  • Basic sailing points i.e. beating, reaching, downwind with required settings

  • Required sheeting and centreboard settings of all sailing points.

  • Tacking, stopping, regaining speed and basic boat handling

  • Capsize on a single-handed boat

*Note: The sailing course programme is subject to change or cancellation depending on weather conditions.

Sailing Level Two (4 half days/12 hours)

This course is recommended as an immediate follow up to the beginner’s course, to improve skills and for those students who want to sail single-handed and unsupervised in closed waters (bays and harbours) in moderate conditions.

Course Outline:

• Rigging and unrigging several types of boats

• Introduction to the theory of sailing and first rules of the road

• Learn launching and recovery with inshore and offshore winds

• Capsize, safety precautions, man overboard recovery, coming alongside, knots, mast and sail setting, introduction to seamanship

• Further knots, boat trim and balance, heaving to, planning your course, safety and precautions

• The aim of this course is to learn to sail independently

*Note: The sailing course programme is subject to change or cancellation depending on weather conditions.

What else is included in your programme?

Pickup from airport

Course materials

Course certificate

Personal Notebook

Welcome pack

Welcome evening

Accommodation as booked

Free WiFi at residences

ESE t-shirt

Leisure programme

Daily transport

Student support & welfare

Social programme

Students attending Sailing & English follow the same Social programme as all other students in the Teen Club programme except for those activities which coincide with the students’ sailing lessons in the morning or afternoon. 


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What is your level of English?​

Don’t worry – we’ll figure that out for you. Before arrival you can do the ESE online placement test, which must be submitted at least 14 days before you start your course. Alternatively, our academic staff will ask you to sit for a short placement test on your first day at school. So you are guaranteed to be in the course that is the right level for you.

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