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These courses are suitable for German employees who would like to follow an English language course as a “Bildungsurlaub” as long as the chosen course is accredited in your specific German federal state.
In a total of 12 out of 16 Länder in Germany, there is a right to educational leave (Bildungsurlaub), a legal entitlement to further training for employees during working hours.
With the educational leave, the state promotes the initiative of workers to lifelong learning.


speak more fluently

read and write

understand different accents

expand your vocabluary

Fast Facts

Entry level

Starter +

Minimum Age

18 years

Length of Course

Minimum 1 week

Start date

Every Monday

Every Monday


Additional Online (7.5 hours) or Individual Training (7.5 hours)
Class size
Maximum 12 students

Why do a Bildungsurlaub?

Not only does the employees benefit from the increase in know-how: thanks to the newly acquired knowledge that is available to the company, the employer is able to be up-to-date on the job even with an increasing age. However, there are legal differences in the application of your educational leavein each federal country in Germany. Depending on the legislation in your specific country it is generally possible to leave 5 days per year, in some Länder this claim can also be cumulated to 10 days. If you are planning a language stay of several weeks, you can have only a part of it recognized as an educational leave.

What are the exact preconditions for Bildungsurlaub in my federal state?

Presently a number of German states (Länder) have accredited the General English courses at ESE as Bildungsurlaub, in the following you will find the relevant legislation. In case there is no official Bildungsurlaub recognition in your state, please speak to your employer as many are ready to accept the accreditation of other Länder as well:

–  Baden-Württemberg

–  Berlin

–  Brandenburg

–  Bremen

–  Hamburg

–  Hessen

–  Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

–  Niedersachsen

–  Rheinland-Pfalz

–  Sachsen-Anhalt

–  Saarland

–  Schleswig-Holstein

How can I apply?

Booking at least two months in advance is recommended. For further information, please contact us in our German office by phone +49 (221) 22 20 60 12 or mail [email protected] for more information about Bildungsurlaub-approved courses. We will help you to find the right course with accreditation for your state.

Which courses at ESE are accredited for Bildungsurlaub?

Presently we have accreditations in a number of the above mentioned states for:

–  General English 30 (30 lessons / 22,5 hours)

–  General English Combination 30 hours (22,5 hours General English group + 7,5 hours self-study through the ESE platform)

–  General English Intensive 30 hours (22,5 hours General English group + 7,5 hours individual training)

What is your level of English?​

Don’t worry – we’ll figure that out for you.

Before arrival you can do the ESE online placement test, which must be submitted at least 14 days before you start your course. 

Alternatively, our academic staff will ask you to sit for a short placement test on your first day at school.

So you are guaranteed to be in the course that is the right level for you. 

Are you interested in this course?

For more information about Bildungsurlaub-approved courses, please contact us in our German office

by phone +49 (221) 22 20 60 12

or mail [email protected]

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