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Top 10 Events in Malta – Summer 2022 Edition

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Summer is here! Here are 10 events you don't want to miss this Summer 2022

In Malta, there’s always something for everyone – be it a day by the beach, doing outdoor activities like ziplining, a visit to historic sites or a night out clubbing. Most tourists visit Malta during the summer months, either for a holiday or to study English at one of the many language schools on the islands.


If you are planning to learn English in Malta at ESE this summer, we’ve provided you a list of events you should attend during your study holiday: 

1. Festi in Malta – every weekend

Traditionally a religious celebration to honour patron saints, churches in each locality in Malta & Gozo organise parades, and local band clubs work together with the parish to put on a show for the public. Sometimes more than one village or parish celebrates the same ‘festa’.

The main events of each ‘festa’ include religious processions, band marches, firework displays, community gatherings as well as stalls selling traditional food and fast food.

Our favourite is the St. Julian’s ‘festa’ which will be held on the 28th of August this year. It extends to a weekend of evening street parties, and the ’gostra’, a tradition dating back to the Middle Ages involving a greased wooden pole. This pole is erected over the sea, and contestants must grab one flag at a time before reaching the end of the pole: one dedicated to St. Mary, another dedicated to the Vatican and the last dedicated to the patron saint, St. Julian.

2. International Food Festival – 13th to 17th July

Malta International Food Festival 2022
The Malta International Food Festival - 13th - 17th July 2022

Malta’s biggest food event will take place on the 13th of July. The Malta International Food Festival is the island’s highest-anticipated gourmet event, which welcomes 25 international cuisines by 120 chefs from all over the world.


This year’s edition will be held across 5 days at the Triton Square in Valletta.

3. Isle of MTV & Malta Music Week – 19th to 24th July

Isle of MTV 2022 - Official Poster
Isle of MTV Poster

One of the biggest events of the summer is back with a bang this July! The Malta Music Week kicks off on the 19th of July with the highly anticipated free Isle of MTV concert at the Granaries in Floriana. Headliners this year include the American DJ Marshmello and three-time Grammy-nominated multi-platinum artist, entrepreneur, and humanitarian French Montana! Book your free tickets here.

Other events taking place during the Malta Music Week include a reggaeton party, boat parties, pool parties and will be topped off at Café Del Mar on the 24th of July with a performance by chart-topping DJ Joel Corry. Book your tickets here!

4. Farsons Beer Festival – 28th July to 6th August

Farsons Beer Festival 2022 - Malta
Farsons Beer Festival - 28th July - 6th August 2022

The Farsons Beer Festival is one of the most exciting summer events, drawing thousands of festival goers every night. Now in its 40th year, this free outdoor festival combines local music, entertainment for both adults and children, and food at Ta’ Qali National Park’s picnic area.

5. Delicata Classic Wine Festival – 13th and 14th August (Valletta), 3rd and 4th September (Nadur, Gozo)

Delicata Classic Wine Festival
Delicata Classic Wine Festival - 13th and 14th August 2022

The annual Delicata Classic Wine Festival is Malta’s grandest celebration of its local wine. This event takes place at the scenic Upper Barrakka Gardens in the capital city, Valletta. Festivities throughout the evening include live music, food, and of course, wine.


This event will also take place in Gozo on the 3rd and 4th September in Nadur.


Priority tickets can be purchased here.

6. Lewis Capaldi concert – 2nd July

Lewis Capaldi Concert - Saturday 2nd July
Lewis Capaldi Concert - Saturday 2nd July

You’ve heard the songs ‘Someone You Loved’ or ‘Before You Go’ on the radio multiple times – the voice behind these hits is coming to Malta! The Scottish Grammy-nominated singer Lewis Capaldi will perform at the Granaries in Floriana for one night only on Saturday, 2nd July. His debut album, titled Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent’ became the best-selling album of 2019 and 2020 in the United Kingdom.


Tickets can be purchased here.

7. BBC Concert Orchestra - Classic Rock Anthems – 9th July

Bbc Concert Orchestra - Classic Rock Anthems - 9th July
BBC Concert Orchestra - Classic Rock Anthems - 9th July

Following the success of the BBC Concert Orchestra’s “It’s a Kind of Magic – The Queen Story” last September, the ensemble will return this 9th July for a spectacular performance of twenty classic rock anthems! The 60-piece concert orchestra will be directed by the renowned conductor Mike Dixon together with a rock band and a line-up of singers, to perform #1 rock and pop classics by The Rolling Stones, Queen, David Bowie, Prince, Lady Gaga, Coldplay, The Beatles, Tina Turner, Fleetwood Mac, Cher, and Elvis. 

8. Sam Ryder concert – 17th July

If you watched this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, you may have seen a long-haired man singing about space. The song ‘Space Man’ represented the United Kingdom and placed second, the country’s best result at the contest this millennium.

On the 17th of July, Sam Ryder, who is also a famous TikToker, will be performing at a special one-off show at the Fort Manoel alongside Maltese artists. These include Eurovision 2021 representative Destiny, and Kurt Calleja, who represented Malta in 2012. Other artists performing include Maltese band Red Electrick and X Factor Malta winner Ryan Hili.

Early bird tickets are sold out – you can still purchase 20 Euro general admission tickets! Book now.

Sam Ryder Concert Malta
Sam Ryder Concert - 17th July

9. World Club Dome – 5th to 7th August

World Club Dome Malta

The world-famous World Club Dome will come to Malta this August! Festivalgoers will enjoy daytime pool parties at the brand-new Bora-Bora Ibiza Hotel, boat parties and DJ sets by world-renowned DJs at Gianpula Village and Café Del Mar. Headliners this year include Steve Aoki, Robin Schulz, Lost Frequencies and Regard.


Weekend tickets can be purchased here.

10. Summer Daze Malta - 10th to 17th August, 21st September

Summer Daze 15th August 2022
Summer Daze 17th August 2022
Ghali at Summer Daze 2022

The long-awaited Summer Daze Malta returns this August!


Expect an exciting week of concerts and parties by famous international artists across different venues on the island, including Cafe Del Mar, Ta’ Qali and Bora-Bora Hotel in St. Paul’s Bay.

Chiefly, the main events will take place on Monday 15th August, (Santa Marija public holiday), in collaboration with BBC Radio 1 Dance Live, and British electronic dance music festival series Creamfields. In addition, Rome-based radio station M2o and Radio Deejay will put together one big party on Wednesday 17th August, for those who prefer Italian music. Furthermore, both events will take place at the Ta’ Qali National Park.

Which artists are performing?

Artists performing throughout the week include superstar singer Jason Derulo, American rapper G-Eazy, British band Bastille and singer Anne Marie. The line-up also includes Italian 90s icon Corona best-known for her summer hits The Rhythm of the Night and Baby Baby, DJs MEDUZA, Italian rapper Ghali and world-renowned DJ Sigala*.


*UPDATE: The Sigala event has been postponed to 21st September 2022 following the DJ’s back injury.

Tickets can be purchased here.

NOTE: You may be filmed, photographed of recorded when attending these events. Footage may be used for broadcasting.

Focus on Fluency

Patron saint (noun) – the protecting or guiding saint of a town or place

Parish (noun) — (in the Christian Church) a small administrative district typically having its own church and a priest or pastor

Greased (verb) – smear with grease

Erected (verb) – put together and set upright such as a building or wall

Gourmet (noun) – of a kind or standard suitable for a gourmet

Multi-platinum (adjective) — denoting or relating to a musical recording that has sold more than two million copies

Top off (phrasal verb, informal) – finish something in a memorable way

Chart-topping (adjective, informal) – (of a popular singer, group, or recording) having reached the top of the music charts

Goers (plural noun) – a person who attends a special place or event

Ensemble (noun) – a group of musicians who perform together

Renowned (adjective) – known or talked about by many people

Conductor (noun) – a person who directs the performance of an orchestra or choir

Festivalgoers (plural noun) – a person attending a music festival, film festival or any kind of festival.

Author – Sophie Muscat