Why I love teaching

Why I love teaching

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Why I love teaching

I fell in love with teaching English as a foreign language in the summer of 2002, when I used to teach during my university holidays. Little did I know then that sixteen years later, I would still be as passionate about teaching English as I was that first summer.


Teaching exposes me to a world of different nations, cultures and the greatest diversity of personalities.


It has broadened my sociological insight through learning from my learners’ own experiences.

I often wonder why my colleagues love this profession as much as I do, so this blog is a testimonial for their thoughts and feelings.


“I love teaching because…”

“I love teaching because I learn from my students as much as I teach them (if not more).”



“I love teaching because students leave the classroom with something they did not have before.

The ability to share knowledge is a bit like a superpower!”



“I love teaching because every day is different.
You walk into a classroom and never know what you are going to find!”



“I love teaching because I see what my students can achieve both in the classroom and later on in their future studies and lives.”



“I love teaching because it’s so satisfying when you see that little light bulb go off plus my co-workers are great.”




“I love teaching because every single day we make a difference in someone’s life which goes far beyond knowledge. We inspire, support, mentor and get the chance to discover and share some of the best parts of ourselves as human beings.”



“I love teaching because at the end of every lesson not only have I imparted some of my knowledge but I have also learnt something myself.”



“I love teaching because sharing essential knowledge leads to a positive bond of communication.”



“I love teaching because most of the students are really great and I learn from them as much as they learn from me and from each other.”



“I love teaching because you get to meet so many different people, from different walks of life and different countries. The learning takes place on both sides and that is something quite fascinating.” Emil

“I love teaching because in an EFL classroom, the teacher-student boundaries fall just a little bit, to make way for a relationship that actually resembles friendship, which I find creates a much more positive learning environment and allows for learning on both sides with a lot of laughter to go with it.”



“I love teaching because I learn so much from my students. Apart from giving me feedback on my teaching techniques, my students and I enjoy exchanging information about our culture, traditions and customs.

What is more, when my students show me that they are eager to learn, I enjoy providing them with new methods of remembering certain grammatical/vocabulary rules and patterns which they find useful.

The gratitude my students show makes my job ever so rewarding and worthwhile :)”


“I love teaching because you meet people from all over the world and each leaves you with a part of themselves and their culture. It’s always different and never boring.

Also for what I give the students by way of language skills I get a great deal more from the experiences and views they share. Being a teacher enriches your life!”



“I love teaching because there’s no better sound than hearing that “Aha” moment in class. In that moment, you’ve expanded someone’s knowledge by sharing some of your own.

I also love teaching because you meet such amazing and interesting people from all over the world :)”



“I love teaching because of the warm feeling of satisfaction experienced all round when “the “light goes on” and the student “gets it”, thus expanding his/her linguistic ability. And, because of the broadening of my personal knowledge – compliments of the students in all their diversity!”



“I love teaching because both teacher and student learn from each other, the mix of cultures and experiences, and the satisfaction of possibly achieving something.”



About the Author

Sarah Zammit
Academic Quality Assurance and Teacher Development Coordinator at ESE

Sarah Zammit is the Academic Quality Assurance and Teacher Development Coordinator at ESE. Since joining in 2001, she has taught all levels and courses which are offered. Her passion is teacher training and developing teachers to offer the best quality teaching which ESE is renowned for. Sarah has given various workshops both locally at the Malta ELT Conferences as well as internationally at the EAQUALS International Conference in Malaga in 2015 and IATEFL in Birmingham in April 2016. She is currently completing her DELTA.