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Why should I follow an ESE online English language course?

There are many advantages to following a course online:


  1. There are a number of courses to choose from so you can choose the course that is most suitable to help you achieve your language learning goals. Choose from General English, Business English, English for Hospitality, Legal English, IELTS or TOEIC Preparation online.

  2. Save lots of money! By buying an online learning course, you save a lot of money on travel and accommodation costs. Each course costs just Euro 200 for six months of quality content.
  3. You can learn on the go meaning that online learning offers you maximum flexibility and convenience since you can access the e-learning platform from any device, including your mobile phone (supported by Android or iOS). This means that you can learn English whilst commuting to work on a train, whilst sitting on a beach or even for a half hour per day at home. How you use the platform, depends completely on you.
  4. Pick your content at the right language level for you. All content modules are tied to the Common European Framework of Reference, which is an international standard for describing learners’ language ability and skills. Each module shows you what CEFR language level the content is appropriate for so it’s very easy to choose which modules are at the right level for you.
  5. Pick the content which interests you most. Each online course comes with a number of exercises and activities to choose from. You may want to improve your vocabulary, or improve some areas of grammar such as verb tenses. It’s really up to you want to review and practice!
  6. Save time! You won’t have to commute to school to follow classes or travel to another country since you  can study from the comfort of your own home.
  7. Track your own progress – how well are you doing? As you work your way through the course, you can keep track of how much  material you covered and well you are performing to keep you motivated.
  8. The online course gives you instant feedback. As your work your way through the various exercises, you can get the correct answers and check your own answers automatically. Why not work through the exercises again if you want to make sure you have learned the language item?
  9. Use the multilingual dictionary just to make your life a bit easier!
  10. Flexible language learning on the go – what more could you ask for?

You can choose one of the ESE Online English Courses from here:


Rachel Falzon Author: Rachel Falzon
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Articles in this blog may be ESE news, academics pieces written by our team or events in Malta of general interest.  Please feel free to write to us with any comments, suggestions or any articles you may have written and would like to share with us and our students.