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Sarah and Heidi’s daily diary at IATEFL

Day #1

heidi-and-sarahHaving arrived a day before the IATEFL Conference, Heidi, our Exam Coordinator and Sarah, our Quality Assurance and Teacher Development Coordinator decided to head to the beautiful old city of York.
A highlight of the tour of the city was a visit to our sister school, York Associates.

We thank our overseas colleagues for a warm welcome and an interesting tour around the school.


York #day1


Day #2

York day#2Today the conference kicked off with a Pre-Conference Event by Prof. Donald Freeman who gave a brilliant session on designing frameworks for Teacher Training and Education.

The session focused on four points that us teacher trainers must keep in mind when planning a CPD session. First, AWARENESS what training is beneficial for our teachers, students and school. Secondly, KNOWLEDGE- knowledge about the subject matter being taught, knowledge about our audience and a plan on how to reach the final outcomes. Thirdly SKILLS -how should we put the awareness and knowledge into practice and lastly ATTITUDE which questioned our attitude as trainers as well as teachers!

Cherry on the cake? Meeting old friends and new!! Always a lovely and welcome experience. Here are some photos.


York day 2


Day #3

York - day 3Ok!!! Today is the day. Today we deliver our workshop at the IATEFL 50th Anniversary Conference in Birmingham entitled ‘Exploiting Authentic Material for Exam Classes’. In a nutshell, the workshop focuses on two aspects which we both hold close to heart i.e. Course design and exam courses. The fifty or so participants enjoyed a maximum hands on experience aimed at analyzing and creating new exam tasks from different bits of authentic material.

45 minutes later the workshop came to an end with a hearty applause and requests for us to share our ideas and material! We walked home with a good vibe and massive smiles!


York - conference - Day 3


Day #4

York - day 4Today we dedicate this blog to the massive IATEFL exhibition where we met many of our publisher friends and mingled with just as many new ones. Also present were other educational institutions such as IELTS, NILE, Trinity college and of course IATEFL itself.
Of particular interest to us as part of the ESE compliment were Macmillan, Cambridge and last but not least the publisher of our General English course book The National Geographic partnered with Cenage.

After a long day (and quite a tiring one to say the least) we crossed the river to enjoy a cool glass of wine and some canapés at a do hosted by The National Geographic.

Mmmmm chilled ending to a productive day. Until tomorrow ?


York - day 4


Day #5

We started the day by attending the massive plenary at the ICC center delivered by the famous Diane Larson Freeman entitled “Shifting Metaphors: From computer input to  ecological affordances to adaptation”. Heavy  for 9.00am but extremely interesting and inspiring!
The day took on a lighter twist in the afternoon when we joined a tour organized by IATEFL to the Shakespearian town of Stratford upon Avon. Wonderful! Shakespeare’s birthplace, church grave and world renowned theatre together with the old town setting as a backdrop was a really memorable experience. Thank you IATEFL.


York - Day 5

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Articles in this blog may be ESE news, academics pieces written by our team or events in Malta of general interest.  Please feel free to write to us with any comments, suggestions or any articles you may have written and would like to share with us and our students.