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Michela and Amanda’s daily diary at the EAQUALS Conference

Day #1

Amanda and MichelaPre-conference Management Training Workshop – Personal Excellence for language centre management by George Pickering

A brilliant start to the conference with a very interesting workshop about management led by George Pickering, a truly captivating speaker. The main areas we focused on were time management, prioritising, managing interruptions and stress.

We were then invited to the Camões Instituto Da Cooperação e da lingua Portugal, an institute for the dissemination of the Portugese language. Here we were shown around their beautiful building which is an 18th century palace.

Right after that we enjoyed an informal dinner at Estufa Real, a restaurant set in the beautiful royal botanical gardens of Lisbon. Apart from the opportunity of meeting new people and making new friends, the highlight of the evening was the lovely peacocks in the gardens.

Can’t wait for day two to start!


EQUALS conference day 1


Day #2


Richard Rossner’s last AGM as chairman


The 25th Anniversary of EAQUALS

The day started off with a discussion forum for members, where those present were asked to contribute their ideas and opinions on the presented strategy for the development of equals from 2016 to 2020. We were very lucky to have one of the founders of equals in our discussion group, Frank Heyworth from whose expertise we benefited.

We were very honoured to be present for Richard Rossner’s last AGM as the chairman for equals, whose successor is Justin Quinn. Amongst other things he announced that the Council of Europe sent a congratulatory letter to mark eaquals’ 25th anniversary highlighting the importance of eaquals’ contribution in fostering high quality language teaching.

The conference was officially opened by the Portuguese minister of foreign affairs Profs. Dr. Augusto Santos Silva. His passion for language as the base of cross culture communication could be felt throughout his speech.
After an afternoon of interesting plenaries and workshops we then had the opportunity to meet the other delegates during a short reception where we were shown an interesting presentation about the history of equals. We were chuffed to see that ESE was also featured in this short video. Peter Brown, Richard Rossner and Frank Heyworth took part in a short humorous Q&A session on the birth of eaquals.

We then proceeded to the formal dinner were we made some more new friends! The highlight of the evening was when the birthday cake was cut by the founders and board members to celebrate eaquals’ anniversary. We were then invited to wind down at the disco organised for us where everyone danced the night away.

Our day came to an end here and as we headed off to the land of nod we eagerly awaited what the next day had in store for us.


Portuguese minster of Foreign Affairs

Portuguese minster of Foreign Affairs

The 3 founders during the Q& A session

The 3 founders during the Q& A session



Untitled design-5



Day #3

EAQUALS - day3Our last day

Today was a full day of interesting workshops and plenaries. The first one for the day was called ‘The Learner’s Own Language’ an interesting workshop by Phillip Kerr the author of one of our course books, Straightforward, who gave us a different perspective of using translation to what we usually practise in class. As we said our goodbyes to the good friends we look forward to meeting every year and the new friends we made, we reflected on the new ideas which we cannot wait to try out to continue strengthening ESE’s position as a leading language school in Malta!

It has been a lovely and enriching experience for us and we are glad that we could give you a taste of it!


EAQUALS - day3 - certificates

EAQUALS - day3

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