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Teach English in Malta!

Are you an EFL (English Foreign Language) teacher already or thinking of becoming one?

Want to travel and teach in warmer climes but have no idea where to start?

Why not try the beautiful sunny islands of Malta!

With its warm climate, 9 months of glorious summer and short mild winters (no snowmen here!) along with beautiful beaches surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean sea, Malta is the perfect location to start (or continue) your EFL teaching adventures!



Welcome to the Rock! ….So where exactly is Malta?

Ask most people from around the world (my past self included) where exactly Malta is on a world map and the majority would be left scratching their heads… Europe?…..somewhere in the med…..? A hidden gem, Malta is located right in the heart of the Mediterranean sea, between Sicily and North Africa. Malta is part of Europe and has been a member of the European Union since 2004.

The Maltese Archipelago is made up of several islands, the largest being Malta, Gozo and Comino, inhabited by a population of just over 400,000 people. Malta is the largest island measuring about 28 kilometres (17 miles) North to South and 14.5 kilometres (9 miles)East to West. Despite its small size, Malta has plenty to offer. With over 7000 years of history, you will never be short of things to do and see during your stay here.


Thanks to its British colonial history, English is one of the  two official languages on the island (the other being Maltese). This, along with its glorious weather and central location makes tourism and EFL two of Malta’s biggest industries. Malta attracts thousands of foreign students each year eager to learn English in an English speaking country. Unlike the UK, Malta has the advantage of excellent weather, 9 months of summer (rather than 9 days!) and is generally cheaper for students to study, especially long-term.


Why teach in Malta?

If the sun and sea were not enough of an incentive, as long as you are a Native Speaker of English, or Native level proficiency, hold at least a TEFL certificate, and have a passion to teach English as a foreign language, you will find gaining employment in Malta very easy, particularly during the summer months (May – September). Language schools  are always looking for teachers to teach the many students that flock to the Island to study English.

With people from all over the world choosing Malta to live and work, you will never have a shortage of friends and interesting people to meet and explore the island with. Imagine teaching in the mornings then hopping onto a bus headed for one of the many beautiful beaches to spend your afternoons sunbathing and cooling off in the clear Mediterranean waters. Followed by a BBQ with friends or perhaps a relaxing walk along the water front and dinner at a quaint Maltese restaurant overlooking the bay. Malta, with its relaxed pace of life and friendly, welcoming inhabitants, is the ideal place to spend a summer (or longer) teaching and enjoying life.


What do I need in order to teach in Malta?

You will need to get a teaching permit to teach in Malta. The requirements for this are:

– A recognised TEFL certificate (minimum 60 hour course) or CELTA

A-level qualifications (or equivalent) including A-level English (If you don’t have A-level English, a TELT or CELTA will be required)

Police conduct certificate (dated within 3 months)- This can be obtained at the Police headquarters in Floriana


Birth Certificate

You will need to apply for your teaching permit at the Education Department in Floriana.

Once you have this, you are ready to start teaching!

What are the living costs in Malta?

Obviously this all depends on your lifestyle and expectations, but in general living costs in Malta are considered to be reasonable.

A coffee – €1.50 – €2.50

Average meal in a restaurant – €10 – 20

Rent – for a 2 bed apartment – 550+ (in the north and south areas) 700/800+ in central areas.

Rent could be considered to be on the expensive side, but many people share with friends to reduce their accommodation costs. There are also many rooms for rent (with all the bills included) which can be another way to reduce housing costs.

Bus ticket – Nowhere is far away in Malta, with most places within walking distance depending on where you choose to live and work. Bus tickets cost €2.00 (€1.50 in winter) to anywhere on the island and are valid for two hours. If you are regularly using the buses it is advisable to purchase a TALLINJA card for €26 a month unlimited travel.



How do I choose an English Language School?

So if you think Malta could be the next teaching destination for you, why not apply to ‘The Best Language School’ on the Island ESE – EUROPEAN SCHOOL OF ENGLISH voted by students ‘ the best language school’ for the last five years running at EDUCATION STARS (the trip adviser of Language Schools worldwide).

As one of the biggest schools on the island and with one of the highest number of ACCREDITATIONS, you can be sure of a professional but also friendly and enjoyable teaching environment. ESE can offer you as many teaching hours as you wish and summer or year round employment.  ESE offers a modern, bright, contemporary environment with fully air-conditioned classrooms (particularly important during the summer months!) and all the latest in teaching technology (Interactive whiteboards etc) along with CPD – Continuing Professional Development for all our teachers, ensuring that you are able to develop your teaching skills along the way.

Why not APPLY today, send us your C.V /resume and you could be packing your suitcase and winging your way to Malta within days!

If you are already here in Malta even better!

We look forward to welcoming you to Malta and ESE soon! Don’t forget to pack your sun cream!


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Samantha Dixon - ESE Malta Author: Samantha Dixon

About the Author: Samantha is British and has taught English as a foreign language in several different countries including Thailand and Finland. She has been with ESE since March 2016 and currently works as part of the marketing team. Samantha enjoys being creative, painting and writing when time allows. She also enjoys spending time with her children, soaking up the Maltese sun together.


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