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Student testimonial – Arnaud’s experience at ESE

Student testimonial - ArnaudArnaud Vandamme
Nationality: French
Age: 23
Exam Skills  – 6 Weeks – October 2015 to December 2015,
General English 20 – 12 Weeks – February 2016 to April 2016

1. What did you like about your course / package at ESE?

I loved the way the lessons were structured and how the teacher would go into detail about each and every grammar point. I found the student podium – where the students get the chance to deliver a lesson themselves to each other, very helpful.

The course itself was extremely demanding yet rewarding. The exam co-ordinator was available all the time to handle any queries that I had. I feel that I was lucky as in the afternoon, when we were dealing directly with the exam preparation, I was the only student in class and the teacher helped me with my weaknesses. Thumbs up for that!

General English itself is a very different course to Exam Skills because it is more relaxed however both courses are still very rewarding. I also liked the fact that when I asked for a change of class, this took place with immediate effect.

2. What are the 3 benefits of studying at ESE?

Students get individual attention and not just pay for the course and that is it both in General English and also in Exam Skills. One truly gets what he pays for at ESE.

I also liked the fact that the school has French speaking people as when I got stuck I could speak to them in my mother tongue and express myself better this was particularly beneficial when I was feeling a bit homesick at the beginning.

Another great benefit, was that during each and every mock  test for my TOEIC exam, a teacher sat with me and allowed me the extra time which I’m allocated since I am dyslexic. Something which throughout my schooling, even back home in France was never done. This was one of the main reasons why I decided to come back to ESE.

3. Would you recommend ESE to your Family and friends?  If so, why?

Yes, definitely. I tried two different schools and would definitely recommend this one over the other ones. I found this school extremely professional in every aspect – although studying in Malta could get a bit expensive, at ESE you surely get what you pay for.  So, yeah I would recommend ESE to my family, friends and whoever would love to come and study English here!

4. Why Malta? 

I decided to come to Malta since it is cheaper than England and the weather was another big plus along with the currency of the country being the Euro.

5. Why learn English? 

My main objectives to learn English was to pass the TOEIC exam in order to get the final qualifications which would give me more opportunities to work. In fact, after passing my exam I decided to return to Malta, start a General English course and start looking for a job here. I found a job and I should be working in this country till the end of the Summer, surely a great opportunity to continue practising English.


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