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Guaranteed Entry to UK university now available!

We are delighted to announce that the International Foundation Year offered in partnership with NCC Education now leads to Guaranteed Entry progression pathway to Bangor University in the UK.

Students who successfully complete the International Foundation Year (IFY) qualification and hold the necessary entry requirements – including those studying within the UK – are now guaranteed entry on to a selection of university courses at Bangor University.

The International Foundation Year (IFY) qualification covers English, Culture studies, Mathematics and optional units in either Business or Computing. Upon successful completion, those students meeting the entry a requirements can gain access to courses including: Business, Accounting and Finance, Business and ICT, Marketing, Financial Economics and Business and Law.

The agreement with Bangor University comes as part of a set of agreements NCC Education holds with over 30 universities worldwide, including popular destinations such as Australia, Canada and USA. For a full list of NCC Education’s university agreements click here.